Goodbye Terry Pratchett

On Tuesday morning, I was telling my best friend about going to see Neil Gaiman the day before. I told him that he talked about Terry having Alzheimer’s and I got the impression that Terry didn’t have long to live. I told him, it was something about the way Neil paused, not looking up, and there was a kinetic emotion that I experienced in the crowd. I can’t speak for Neil or how he was feeling at that moment, but in my mind, there was a great sadness. I felt it myself. I was not surprised when his passing was announced today, because I already had the impression it was coming soon. For that, I say thank you to Neil for softening the blow today.

Today, I feel reminiscent of how I felt that Monday in the crowd. I felt sadness for Terry, his loved ones, and friends. I felt a disappointment in never having the chance to meet Terry, or ever seeing new work from him. Growing up, my family wasn’t very encouraging when it came to books, art, etc. However, if I hadn’t lacked that refinement in my childhood, then my husband wouldn’t have had the pleasure of introducing me to so many wonderful things… Terry Pratchett being one of them. The experiences that I had with my husband, was like the world had opened up and I wasn’t alone anymore. He introduced me to Doctor Who, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, and all the many things we bonded over in the past 14 years (going on fifteen). None of them know me or my husband, but they are part of our journey, our bond, and our lives. I’ll miss your presence here, but you will always exist in my world.

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    The world has lost yet another great writer. It is always sad to witness these things, as a fan, as a person and a writer, in one generation. I am thankful that people like Terry Pratchett and Ray Bradbury were a part of my life through their works because it was them that taught me valuable life lessons that formed my character, whispering in my ear that it is ok to be myself. Different. Creative. Courageous. To be free. Thank you, you will never be forgotten.

  2. Now and again I see someone on the bus or train or plane reading a Terry Pratcett book and envy them their first time read. Discovering The Colour of Magic in a second hand bookshop was the beginning of a magical journey for me. Rest in peace, Terry.

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    A great many people, myself included, have been inspired by the work of the people mentioned in this blog entry. R.I.P Terry Pratchett.

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  5. What a great showing from Neil Gaiman!
    I remember reading ‘Good Omens’ for the first time and thinking: “this is how you do it!” good stuff. RIP Mr. Pratchett

  6. I remeber reading “Good Omens,” the first time (I have reread it several times, since). It was my first introduction to this offbeat irreverent author. I continued through the Discworld series feverently wanting to live on Ankh Morpor.

    RIP T. Pratchett

  7. I, like many others, discovered Terry much later(after reading Good Omens, his collaboration with Neil Gaiman). I downloaded the Long Earth series on audible the day he died and have been thoroughly enjoying it.He will be missed!

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  9. This man didn’t just create books, he invented an entire Universe. What an amazing and imaginative mind he had to create such vivid characters. What a character he himself was. I feel for his loved ones and I also feel for us. Because no more tales of Discworld will be told. We have not just lost Terry, we have also lost an entire World’s worth of characters. I hope they are all with him in the beyond.

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  11. I live far from home (in a non-English speaking country) and there aren’t any people around me that have even heard of Pratchett’s works. This has been comforting to read how many other people have spent a portion of their lives in Discworld.

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