All The Noms!

Once upon a time, we didn’t have a car and didn’t have much money. I was very picky and didn’t want to try anything new. Chances are, if I didn’t like it, I didn’t have the money to get something else. I’d either go hungry, or suffer through it. Thus, I was afraid to try new things. After becoming financially stable, I admitted that I was tired of the same stuff over and over. So, I was open and even eager to try new things. I am far from the poor picky girl that I was over a decade ago. My tastes have a wide range these days.

However, due to relying on others for rides, we were often limited on where we could eat or shop. We were often limited based off time and other people’s picky preferences. Don’t get me wrong, we greatly appreciated the rides and kindness of our friends. Once we got our first car, we wanted to try other places around town. Since Friday was pay day, we decided that Fridays would be dedicated to trying new places and we nicknamed it “New Food Friday”.

Every Friday, we went to a place we’d never been to. It wasn’t just about trying new foods, it was about seeing what’s out there! Sometimes we’ll order our staple favorites and some times we’ll order something new and/or crazy! We take pictures and give an honest review from the point of view of an average consumer. We aren’t professional critics or chefs. We’re just people who love to eat and have a good time. Now, we find that we don’t always do this on Fridays and I’m still compelled to write about our experiences. So we renamed it from “New Food Fridays” to “All The Noms!”

The vast majority of the reviews are here in Oklahoma City (OKC), but it doesn’t stop here! We’ll do reviews on any food places, new or frequented, in any location that we feel inspired to talk about.


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