Why Corasteel?

Why the name Corasteel? Once upon a time, my mother told me that my great grandmother died when my grandmother was 5 years old. She was a french woman who married a few times and died young in New Orleans. My mother knew very little of her grandmother and she wanted to find out more about her. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find anything past a certain point. She said her name was Corasteel, which I thought was an odd but very pretty name. I volunteered to do some research and I found out why they couldn’t find anything beyond a certain point. Her given name had changed many times over the years in America…. Corastein, Corastile, Cora… Corasteel.

It’s a unique name, an interesting name, beautiful, and part of my family. It’s an adventure that I’ll never know about my great grandmother. It’s an adventure that my mother will never know about her grandmother. It’s an adventure that my grandmother never knew about her mother (she’s gone now too). So I chose to adopt it as my pen name and online handle, as I go on my own adventures. When I’m gone, you will know who I was and you will know what my adventure had been.


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