I’m an artist, whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, or even sewing! When I was little, I had a lot of stuffed animals. I had a hard childhood. Dad was violent and I think that stuffed animals were often an apology for a guilty conscience. I was withdrawn and drew a lot. My toys and the characters I drew were my imaginary friends, my army, and my happy place. As an adult, I am forever a child-at-heart. I enjoy hand-making toys, which I do sometimes take commissions. If you commission any toys for young children, please make sure to ask for “baby safe” toys. I love creating, taking fun photos, and writing about all the things in my imaginary Overyonder! I also tend to write about the toymakers that I like on etsy.

Here is my primary criteria for buying a pattern:

  • Can I sell the toys I make from the pattern? Personally, I don’t go for licensing fees, so those are not included here.
  • Is the pattern cute or awesome?
  • Is the pattern quick and easy to make?
  • Is it a PDF that I can download? I like being able to backup, re-size, and print patterns without having to scan them, and there are many great patterns from overseas that have expensive shipping costs.
  • Patterns that don’t fit the above criteria have to be unique or so amazing I just have to have it, or for something very specific (like gifts).
    Check out the patterns and reviews categories. Also, feel free to browse these other useful categories:

Commissions (Category) (Email)
Free Patterns
Cheapies (Max $20)
Reasonably Priced – Anything over $20, but under $60, and worth the cost (subject to opinion).
Quick & Easy – beginner level patterns
Holiday Toys
Geekery – Especially for us geeks and nerds ❤
For Boys – Toys appropriate for boys (less girly).
Unique – The strange, the unusual, and the OOAK (one of a kind).
Toyvoyagers – something fun to do with your toys (and kids).
Meet My Toys – my personal collection (mostly bought and gifted).




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