Nakakon 2017

We had a blast at Nakakon in Overland Park Kansas! We took a lot of photos, met some cool people, went to some fun panels with charismatic voice actors, and ran a couple of panels of our own. My favorite panel was Lava 18+ ran by the voice actors Robbie Daymond (Tuxedo Mask), Max Mittelman (Saitama), and Ray Chase (Hanzo). It’s a very fun panel involving improve and hilarity. If you are of adult age, I highly recommend attending.

The panels with David Vincent (Grimmjow) were a lot of fun too. He’s very charismatic and funny. He was really good at easing the nervous tension during the voice acting tryouts. If you are afraid to show off your voice acting skills, go to David Vincent’s tryout and you’ll be just fine!

Our panels went really well too, as people seemed to enjoy us, and we made some new friends. We had a rather amusing “Pocket Burger” incident but that’s a story you really need to hear about in person… or come to our next panel! We ran “How to build a Geekmunity” and “So you want to be ConRazzi?” panels. We talked about how to get involved with and build Geek a community and talked about media relations and photography. We hope everyone gained useful information from our panels and will come see us at our next convention!

We checked out the vendors room and my favorite was Rocky Mountain Dragons. She handmakes these posable dragons and gryphons. There were a lot of really cute plushies and figurines in the vendors room, but this was something more unique and artistic. Check out her etsy for more. I named my little dragon Naka, after the name of the convention were I got him from ❤

Here are our top pics of the photos we shot during the con! You can see the full collection of photos and videos on our facebook page: LevelUp Troupe.


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