Sole Expression (Art Exhibit)

16797392_10158488478420495_1124682050531796838_oOn February 18th, the Oklahoma City Science Museum had a free art exhibit called “Sole Expression” in which they showcased art pieces related to shoes.  It was small, but rather interesting and they served free snacks and beverages.

The first thing that I noticed were the shoes hanging from the rafters.16700319_10158488535880495_5142842332376795083_o


16836152_10158488490555495_651491983581905873_o 16700469_10158488500880495_7914044570057987244_o

Local OKC artist Gayle Curry with her shoe artwork! She was a lovely woman to talk to. (Website)

16836491_10158488516310495_7410858836750531447_o 16722700_10158488519650495_7051991530136964061_o 16797593_10158488525320495_6816166749531001246_o 16819441_10158488523675495_3544556477468653798_o 16804507_10158488524270495_2011335862380575999_o“Ophelia” (from the collection L’Amour) by Amber Ambrose Aurele stood out the most for me. The shoe has a porcelain heel and is made of latex-embossed print with a human hair extension. It makes me think of ponies (and tzimisce for you Vampire LARP fans). (Website)



I dig the feathers, Amber!


Amber has a lot of shoes…

16797002_10158488487695495_8300600591454077714_o 16797433_10158488487125495_4681050646734178216_o


“Building New Worlds” by, local OKC sculptor and painter, Kjelshus Collins was my favorite of the exhibit. It’s so pretty! It looks like something you might see in an Anime.  (Twitter)

16716080_10158488494285495_409820524957390067_o 16835792_10158488489275495_4194374901036301049_o 16722695_10158488495120495_5324193682389885525_o 16722625_10158488491115495_2194233447335762376_o 16722510_10158488493295495_7466049007876150512_o 16819268_10158488499495495_346802123594213631_o 16797097_10158488493300495_630770818712817648_o

“Traveling Through The Redwood Forests” by Klair Larason. I know it’s just a shoe in the woods, but for some reason, I really liked it. It was one of those pieces that I pondered for a little while and I believe it was about expressing her journey.


“If I Leave Before You” by Alyson Atchison (Twitter). Again, I’m not sure why I like this “old shoe in the grass” kind of art but I do. The dollhouse and lady were cool too, but I was digging the shoe more. Maybe it’s the weird side of me, maybe it’s the artist in me, either way I find it charming. 16722647_10158488514680495_7194037299176621140_o 16722770_10158488518165495_523449194519386015_o 16797110_10158488515495495_7046454554348821198_o

“King Flamingo”, “Untitled” (the duck), “The Crow Shoe”, “The Ant King”, and “Juno” by Costa Magarakis (website) appealed to my Alice In Wonderland fascination. I had seen “The Crow Shoe” from the crow side, which was pretty cool by itself, and then as I panned around I saw the skeleton side and was delighted. “The Ant King” was weird and creative and I liked that one a lot too. “Juno” was the strangest in my opinion.

16825804_10158488501585495_8916506493241384980_o 16836120_10158488485345495_4473552160217681919_o 16796990_10158488485095495_6572374691903796327_o 16715994_10158488504530495_5605173404369307470_o 16804438_10158488506520495_200764204965446435_o16716323_10158488507035495_2027345278820024971_o16716261_10158488508260495_3406852774634151539_o


There was a wall of fairy tale works that was pretty neat too. They had “The Red Shoe”, “The Elves, The Shoemaker”, “Hop O’ My Thumb”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “Puss In Boots” and Cinderella.


We did not get a good shot of the girl on the top of the boot. We tried, but the lighting just wouldn’t work with us. 16797165_10158488522495495_633557157995469475_o


I don’t know who to credit for these tin foil sculptures, but they were cute. I liked the spider but didn’t get a good shot of them. The lighting wasn’t great for taking pictures, especially for a non-pro such as myself. Here’s a few shots that I managed to get.

16797802_10158488495140495_5947513899629802221_o 16836220_10158488495710495_1763758958166900864_o 16804032_10158488486280495_7905178391036035028_o

“The Happy Hippo” by Nick Bayer (Website). I thought that little hippo was so hideous and then I saw the bigger more beautiful hippo! Obviously, the scarier hippo was created by the artist at a young age and this is a display of how far his art has developed since then. The bigger one is really cute and I like it a lot… although I don’t see a shoe in this. I would wear hippo slippers though!

16797857_10158488521105495_3055621460409673964_o 16797794_10158488509080495_1550169763147204104_o 16819088_10158488511985495_3237025654822234716_o

“Col-lec-tion” by Liza Snook and Charlotte Visser (Website) was a big eye catcher for me. At first, I saw these simple rainbow pieces on the wall but when I got up close, I noticed that they were all created using tiny doll shoes! It was simple but creative and it must have been fun to do. It was fun to examine each one, seeing what shoes they used and how they arranged them to create the shapes. HOW CUTE!

16804197_10158488514690495_1093184707651084954_o 16819098_10158488508255495_3912873330171109557_o 16819218_10158488507490495_6087696464983407399_o 16819409_10158488508245495_9171599442547260021_o 16826175_10158488532220495_3358161271825007008_o

Speaking of simple and creative, I got a real kick out of “Cardboard Shoes 1-4” by Mark O’Brien (UK Artist). I’ve occasionally build things out of cardboard (ahh the life of a cosplayer and artist) and it’s fun to do! Seriously, check out his (Blog), it’s super creative!

16835731_10158488523170495_5102699909957853907_o 16836676_10158488523625495_644740141016022699_o 16797071_10158488522525495_4346628105698205298_o 16716157_10158488519655495_864849448731759018_o

“Digital Yeezy 750 Boost” by Gabriel Dishaw. As a technician and nerd, I got a real giggle out of these shoes! He used circuit boards, data cables, leather and braided steelwire and other upcycled materials. Upcycle means to reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original. He has some nerdy stuff on his (Website) that you should check out!

16716199_10158488502870495_1869564854972147895_o 16716285_10158488500875495_8380626098695102069_o 16826171_10158488493760495_4414322367204585650_o

Sadly, I did not catch the name of the piece or the artist here, but it’s a really nice galaxy theme!

16819374_10158488486615495_8632431347709280230_o 16836189_10158488489280495_1925487920639096377_o 16836429_10158488488385495_1206776459222449890_o

“Flora”, “Walk Through Fire”, “Fabula Rasa”, and “All The Little People Who Got Me Here” by Hugh Meade (Facebook). The Flora shoe, to me, has an oriental flare that I like. I could see cosplaying in something like that. The lego shoe is cute and appeals to my nerdy side.

16665041_10158488494330495_1903549924901907548_o 16797016_10158488493720495_3043314033692215612_o16722458_10158488496545495_5886911528829393326_o16804365_10158488485390495_1271195105080656012_o

“Anatolian Fiber Shoes – Cariklar Collection” by Suhandan Ozay Demirkan (Website) She an artist from Turkey.


Unfortunately, I did not catch the info card on these shoes. They kind of look like something an elf or gnome might wear. I think they are cute.



“Silver Cream” and “Watergreen Weed” by Zita Attalai (Facebook). I didn’t catch the name of that third shoe – my apologies!




“Untitled” by Kim Camp (Facebook). She used coaxial cable, rope, and ski boots. I didn’t get it.


I’m not sure what the brown shoes were called but the black ones are “Alligator Loafers” by Paige Sorrell (Facebook). It was nice to see some actual shoes at the exhibit. Leather working is an art form in of itself.



And then there was art on the walls…..




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