Poetry: Unspoken

I moderate the words floating above my tongue as not to whisper you away.
Don’t utter a breath of disappointment in my quiet moderation.
You need not fear my breath, or sigh, or words unspoken.
Do not pull away from words I cling to with bitten tongue.
Whisper your sweet words in to my neck and sink into my thoughts.
I dare not speak but rather utter a purr of feelings from my lips.
Through my hushed restriction I want the words over exhalation.
I leapt through a wall of courage into feelings and reverie.
Brave the unspoken words pressing against my teeth.
It is not without expression, but a lack of confession of what lies beneath.
Oh broken silence, a sound without words speaks loud and wanting.
Do not force my word, but draw out my breath with your expressed affection.


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