Homestuck Fans! Izumicon!

Are you a Homestuck fan?

Then drop by Oklahoma City this January 6-8 2017 for Izumicon!

In addition to anime and voice actors, there will be plenty of shenanigans. As I’m sure you know, it’s really not that hard to identify the Homestuck fans… they are the gray folks with candy corn colored horns.

Speaking of troll horns, check out etsy if you want to find some before the con!

Here are the Homestuck activities at Izumicon:
Ask the Homestuck Dancestors – Friday 1pm
End of Homestuck: It Doesn’t End – Friday 4pm
Homestuck Sleepover – Friday 10pm

The following are not specifically Homestuck events, but I did say shenanigans didn’t I?
Cosplay Meet & Greet – Friday 9:15pm
Karaoke – Saturday 9pm
We the Accused 18+ – Saturday 9pm
Rick & Morty’s Night Out 18+ – Saturday 9pm
Ask An Anime Character – Sunday 11:30am

There are many other panels and activities, so check out the Izumicon schedule here.


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