Review: Rogue One


Wow. I highly recommend seeing this one! I was not expecting to like this movie as much as I did. There was some obligatory fan service, an appreciated brief cameo, and even a little cheesiness with good intentions. Overall though, the movie was intense with warfare and had great characters. They really put the war in Star Wars.


The CGI of recreation of Peter Cushing and a young Princess Leia was amazing! Aside from the obvious, you could tell there was something off but otherwise it was really impressive. I can’t imagine how much work went into those scenes.


There are MAJOR SPOILERS in this article! Turn back now if you haven’t see it yet.


First of all, everyone was fantastic. I got attached to all the major characters. I liked that they weren’t black and white. Cpt. Cass did things in the name of a cause and had shame and guilt to deal with. Jyn Erso didn’t start out as a rebel for the cause but in the end she sacrificed everything… although it was largely because of her father. I liked the story they told with Galen Erso and I’ve been a big fan of Mads Mikkelsen this year. He does the villain role well and this change of role was good.



I love this whole sassy droid theme they have in Star Wars. I already love Alan Tudyk and there’s no surprise that I loved K-2SO. His design reminded me of the robot in the anime Laputa Castle in the Sky. Besides his snarky humor, he was a badass in the end and the first casualty to hit me in the feels.




Chirrut Imwe (portrayed by Donnie Yen) was my favorite character. He was a blind badass whose mantra was “I am with the Force and the Force is with me.” If he’d had a lightsaber he’d be the coolest Jedi ever. I had these thoughts of him becoming a Jedi and training Padawans. Then he died a hero and there was another hit in the feels.


I really liked the defective Imperial pilot, Bodhi Rook, and when he was blown the fuck up, it finally dawned on me that no one was getting out alive. I knew they were stuck on the planet but you expect them to be rescued or break out the force badassery and do the impossible… and sad as it was, this bold choice worked. There was, at the same time, a feeling of huge victory and great loss. I was stunned that everyone we fell in love with in Rogue One died in the beautiful destruction of the Death Star.



Twice, you get to see the destruction of the Death Star from the view of the planet and the people they laid to waste. The reason I liked this movie so much, is because they painted a picture of what Star Wars is supposed to be. It’s a huge galaxy with an Imperial occupation creating huge amounts of devastation. There is faith in the Force and a need for hope to fuel the rebellion. They made it feel like a war and made the sacrifice actually mean something.


While they didn’t focus on lightsaber battles and straight up Force tactics, they did bring a the religious feel of the Force. I feel like they explored the Force Sensitivity quite effectively. They did take some time to show off Darth Vader’s lightsaber skills and gave us a brief example of his reign of terror. I won’t lie… he was pretty cool.


I liked this movie more than The Force Awakens and I hope the next Star Wars movie impresses me like this one did.

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