Review: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them



I loved this movie. It was a movie after my own heart! The main character, Newt Scamander (portrayed by Eddie Redmayne) was a lot quirkier than I was expecting… and it was wonderful! I liked that he wasn’t the stereotypical “cool” Hollywood character. He was indeed a sexy and charming character but in a different way. In a more realistic way, in my opinion. His love for the fantastic beasts really resonated with my own love for animals and it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with the character. When he expressed genuine concerned (yes, I know it was acting, but it’s that whole suspension of disbelief) I felt that same urge of really wanting to protect those creatures.


Outside of the feels, there was many humorous scenes. The Niffler is so frustrating in a hilarious way. I knew that critter looked familiar and later I realized it was an echidna puggle (or at least looked like one). I find it funny that baby echidna’s are called puggles. It sounds like muggles!

Hewan Niffler di film Fantastic Beasts ini rupanya ada di dunia nyata, lho!

Many of the animals were creative, interesting, and almost always in funny scenes. The Occamy and the Thunderbird were two of the most gorgeous creatures! If only they existed in real life.

the-enormous-bird-newt-lets-fly-free-in-new-york-is-called-a-thunderbird the-occamy-is-a-gorgeous-serpent-that-newt-finds-hiding-out-in-macys

Pickett, the pint sized tree creature that reminds me of a tiny Groot, was just adorable. He was the
cute sidekick with a little sass to boot! In that scene with Gnarlak, I wanted to boot that goblin in the
junk! I was so mad at that little turd. And I can’t believe that I didn’t recognize Ron Perlman. I
knew that I knew the actor, but after a friend mentioned it was him, I was kicking myself for not
realizing it. He’s a very well known and recognizable actor. I think perhaps I was too mad at the
character to realize who it was.



Speaking of delayed recognition, I thought that Credence was incredibly familiar throughout the movie. It wasn’t until later that I realized that the actor was Ezra Miller. Who is Ezra Miller? COME ON! He’s The Flash in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie! I LOVED him as Barry Allen and after seeing his performance in Fantastic Beasts, I’m a big fan! He portrayed Credence as a strange and tortured soul to the point that I just wanted to hug him and fight off all the mean assholes who made him into a monster. This movie was good at inspiring emotional reactions.



Another thing that really resonated with me was the heartwarming romance between the no-maj (I greatly prefer the term muggle) Jacob Kowalski (portrayed by Dan Fogler) and Queenie Goldstein (Fine Frenzy). Their whole flirtatious chemistry was endearing! It feel really sweet and didn’t have that superficial Hollywood feel to it (which is a good thing). Maybe it’s just the romantic in me, but it was very heartfelt to me.


I have at least one friend who is not a Collin Farrell fan. I don’t really understand why. He does a good job portraying the asshole characters. I think I was most appreciative of his acting in the movie Fright Night, in which he portrayed a rather creepy vampire. He’s a good actor and I liked him just fine in this movie too.


Of course, I was thrilled to see Johnny Depp as Grindelwald. I love Johnny Depp and I’m always
thrilled to see him in any movie. It was obvious who the villain was, but I did not suspect he was
also Grindelwald. I did mention to my friend that Credence obviously got away… I wonder how many people missed that part? This whole obscurus plot is actually pretty interesting and I’m curious to see what else they do with this.


Some people I’ve talked to, hated this movie, but I loved it. I don’t get why they didn’t like it,
other than it wasn’t Harry Potter. It’s very much the Harry Potter world and it’s chocked full of lore and potential, while still holding on to that magical whimsy we all know and love. At least that’s my opinion of the movie!

You knew exactly who the real Potter fans in the audience were when certain Easter Eggs popped up. A loud gasp from the girls in one section inspired laughter from the rest of the crowd. Ahhh fans… I love it!


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