Disney Moana Costume Controversy

This whole Disney Moana costume controversy is so stupid. The amount of butt-hurt over nothing is ridiculous. Blackface was a terrible thing from the past. If you look at real blackface, they don’t even remotely look like an actual black person, because they weren’t trying to emulate something they loved and it was a representation of racist stereotyping and oppression.

Now a days over-sensitive social justice warriors can’t handle costuming, or make-up,  done out of genuine love.

Do you get offended if a white person where’s a Hawaiian shirt? Generally not, because they are wearing it because they like it,  not because they are making fun of, or oppressing, Hawaiians. If someone did wear a Hawaiian shirt and mocked Hawaiian ethnicity, then you’d be offended and that’s legit.

I could give you examples of a white girl wearing a Spanish style dress to go salsa dancing and doing her hair up in a Spanish style. Is that racist too? No! She’s just going salsa dancing and wants to emulate something ethnic that she loves!

Why is this any different? They are depicting a character that children will love. Would you rather them go get real tattoos? Would you rather the costume be white skinned so you can complain about white washing?

This is NOT an example of blackface. You are afraid that children will want a tan face to match the skin color of the costume. Here’s a shocker… I actually don’t believe that’s blackface either. It’s cosplay. It’s not making fun of anyone or oppressing anyone. It’s emulating and cosplaying a character that you love. Furthermore, not everyone is going to paint their kids face up with the costume, if anything out the fear of being attacked and labeled a racist.

Stop spreading hate where no hate is intended or even remotely implied.

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