This morning they were talking about Donald Trump on the radio debating whether “Bigly” was a word or if Trump meant to say “Big League”. Everyone assumes that Trump misspoke rather than we misheard, but for good reason. Although, wouldn’t it be funny if “Bigly” was a real word and Trump was using it in the proper context? It’s doubtful, but it would be amusing and perhaps a little embarrassing for those making a big deal out of it. According to it’s an adverb for “big”.

However, I believe he was intending to say “Big League” not “Bigly”. Even so, it still doesn’t sound very intelligent. Sure, we all get lazy in our English and make up words, but there’s a difference between home-speak and speaking in a professional environment. You are trying to convince the nation that you are competent enough to run a whole country. The least you can do is put more effort into speaking clearly.

It’s really a moot point, as he’s already said far worse to make himself look utterly ridiculous. It’s just another thing to nitpick at. I don’t typically listen to any of the Trump/Hilary debates/speeches. They are both awful. She’s a criminal and he’s a moron. This is, by far, the worse case of “pick your devil” campaign. I honestly don’t know who will become our next President and what will happen to America.


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