Review: Suicide Squad


Honestly, I disagree with the critics who disliked the movie. It didn’t feel like two movies to me, nor did it seem like a mess. I actually liked the movie. I’m not raving about it like the Marvel movies, but I certainly liked it a lot more than I thought I was going to. It was fun and humorous. Sure, I have a few gripes, but overall I enjoyed it and would recommend watching the movie yourself. Now, if you haven’t seen it and don’t want any spoilers, NOW is the time to stop reading.

Criticism #1 – Will Smith has to be the center of attention. I actually do love Will Smith and I have for over a decade. He’s such a talented actor. If this had been a Deadshot movie it would have been great… but it wasn’t. It was the Suicide Squad. It just felt like they put too much of the spotlight on Deadshot. That being said, of course Deashot was badass and funny. Will Smith is great at that.

suicide-squad-harley-quinn-margot-robbieTo be fair, Harley Quinn was a showrunner to Deadshot, but DC could not have gotten away with it otherwise. Harley has a huge fan base. Don’t piss off the Harlequins! I’m kind of waffling on whether or not I like this version of Harley. Yes, Harley is crazy, sexy and silly… but was she Harley in soul? Was it the right way to portray her? I don’t know… I’m still mulling this one over.


The Joker was way less of a role than I thought he’d be. Maybe they are building up to a bigger presence in future movies?

I liked the crazy love between him and Harley, although it honesty didn’t seem like The Joker. Joker neglected and abused Harley and often had to apologize and win her back. He was also very possessive of her at the same time. In this movie, Joker was just crazy in love with her, which I’m okay with (I’m a romantic).

However, I didn’t really like this version of The Joker. Again, I love Jared Leto and have for over a decade. He’s a fantastic actor and he obviously put a lot of effort into this role. He always does! It wasn’t his acting that I didn’t like… it was the concept. Of all the amazing character portrayals in this movie, his just wasn’t one that I felt. He just didn’t feel right. I’m actually kind of dreading having this Joker in the Batman movies.

Another thing that could be tarnishing my enjoyment, is the off screen inappropriate behavior reported about Jared Leto. I read that he essentially harassed his co-stars while “staying in-character” throughout the production. Method Acting is no excuse for work harassment. No actors should have to deal with harassment. Actors are people too and they deserve a safe work environment. You can’t go around killing people just because you are portraying a murderer in a movie… so neither should you harass people. This made me very disappointed in Jared and I just cannot condone such behavior. The producers who tolerated it should be ashamed of themselves.

forget-joker-suicide-squad-trailer-reveals-enchantress-is-in-control-of-task-force-x-e-932278I really liked Enchantress. I was surprised that she was the major villain. I thought she was going to be part of the Suicide Squad, but this works too. I thought she was great! Cara Delevingne had such a dynamic role and she pulled it off very well! I liked her more than Harley Quinn… which is a little disheartening but actually says a lot.

suicide-squad-movie-images-rick-flagWhile I did like Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag, it felt like he was the Daphne of the Suicide Squad (a Scooby Doo reference). Flag is being drug off by monsters again… let’s go save him. The actor has a charm about him and I liked him… but I just don’t have much else to say. While his role was important and was done well, I just don’t have as much to say about him as I do the other characters.

new-suicide-squad-blitz-trailer-contains-a-katana-comic-book-easter-egg-and-it-s-devast-930207Katana was my second favorite character (next to Enchantress). She wasn’t center stage but her scenes were very well done. I felt that sorrow and revenge for her husband. I felt the honor and loyalty she carried. Katana was silent but deadly. Katana felt like Katana and that was so good! Well done Karen Fukuhara! I would LOVE to see a Katana movie with her starring in it. Please do this. Thank you for putting that feeling into the role. Also, I’d like to say thank you to the producers for not whitewashing this role.


Another silent but deadly was El Diablo. Even though his character didn’t do much in the beginning of the movie, his portrayal of the character was noticeable. He was an intriguing character and as he broke out in later scenes it was worth the wait. I really like this character. It seems that the more subtle roles were the most impacting for me. El Diablo was seriously cool and I think a movie or series on him would be pretty cool too. Jay Hernandez is up there in the spotlight for me! Thank you for bringing this character to life on the big screen. Again, thank you to the producers for not whitewashing this role.

suicide-squad-jai-courtney-captain-boomerangThere are so many actors in this movie that I love. Ever since Spartacus and Divergent, I’ve come to really love Jai Courtney. I’m sad that he didn’t get more of the spotlight in this movie, but the spots he got were hilarious! I almost didn’t recognize him, which is a good thing. It means he was well in-character. Boomerang isn’t a meta human, but he brings a lot of character to the group and that matters. For me, Jai is a golden boy right now ❤

And yet again, they did the right thing by casting an actual Aussie as an Aussie character. In the light of so much whitewashing, we really should be praising the producers for being diverse!

killer-croc-1Aside from looking pretty cool, a few amusing lines, and doing his part to save the day… I don’t really have much to say about Killer Croc. He’s a better incarnation than others. Adewale didn’t do a bad job…. there just wasn’t much else to the role.


He didn’t get an in-depth bio like the rest of a squad, so he must be dying first. Yep, we were right. What else is there to say about Slipknot? Sorry for your luck.


Viola Davis portrayed a secondary villain – whether or not they intended it that way. Sure, Amanda Waller means well, but let’s face it… Amanda Waller is the whole reason the Enchantress and her brother ended up in a position of power to destroy the world. In her fear of meta humans and trying to proactively combat the inevitable, she created the very monster she was afraid of. Her fear makes her do very bad things. She may have seemed like a good guy, but she’s not. The road to evil is paved with good intentions.


I did not expect this, but Ike Barinholtz deserves some recognition. His character, Griggs, was such a dick, but he added some comic relief by being a target of ire. He plays the type of character whose misery brings you a sense of well deserved satisfaction. Griggs makes for a great reoccurring character to take the brunt of punishment humor.

All in all, I can understand some criticism of the movie, but it wasn’t that bad! DC has struggled to match Marvel’s movie victory… but this was great effort! They finally listened to the fans and re-shot a lot of scenes for us. I don’t know what the movie would have been like before the re-shoot, but I have to say that I enjoyed the movie. While it didn’t hit every mark, it did a good job. I appreciate the extra effort and if this effort continues, I have no doubt that they will catch up to the fan-base.

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