Chae Modern Korean (All The Noms)


I am not recommending this place based solely management attitude. While the food was decent and certainly presented well, the management clearly didn’t respect us.

My first criticism is the menu. Sure, it’s clean and simple, but it’s important to be clear. I felt that the menu was misleading. My friend and I both wanted the Bulgogi, but it was only listed under “Family” for $22. That price seemed a bit high, so we asked about it. “Family” is the size of the dish which is meant to feed a group. We asked if we could get it in a smaller size and how much that would cost. They could have easily put both sizes on the menu: Bulgogi – Family $22 Small $11. That’s not even the biggest issue with the menu. That was a minor annoyance. My big issue with the menu was that it didn’t state anywhere that my Bulgogi would come with kimchi on top of it, which is where the management attitude came from.


When we received the wonderfully presented bowl of bulgogi, we were surprised to see kimchi on top of it. I’ve had kimchi before, which is generally always on the side, and over time I’ve come to appreciate it more. So I tried a bite but unfortunately it was too sour for me. My friend and I picked the kimchi off but that sour sauce had soaked into the rice. So we politely asked the waitress for rice without the kimchi. My friend even stated that the bulgogi beef was fine and it wasn’t necessary to remake the beef. They took our bowls away and we waited patiently.

The general manager brought us out our food and said, with an attitude, “Just so you know, all small sizes come with kimchi, you know, for future reference.” When I attempted to reply, she ignored me and stormed off. That pissed me off! Do NOT walk away from your customers when they are speaking to you! It’s a shame that the waitress was far more polite and apologetic than the manager.

Let’s be honest, kimchi is more of a required taste and you really should have had it clearly stated on your menu. Kimchi was, in fact, on the menu for other dishes, so why not this one? If you can list the Bulgogi with onions, carrots, and rice… how hard is it to put kimchi on there? Or simply put “all small dishes come with kimchi on it” or something to that effect. Take responsibility for your mistakes and treat your customers with respect.

So while we could have overlooked the menu mishap, the manager’s lack of respect has tarnished our first impression of their establishment. My friend and I workout at the gym just around the corner, so this would have been a nice convenient place to have dinner. However, I can certainly get better tasting Korean food and a lot more respect from management elsewhere. So have fun with your pretentious modern Korean. I’m not tolerating your disrespect.


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