Review: Star Trek Beyond



It was hard not to tear up at the amusing Chekov scenes. Obviously, he didn’t have a big role in the movie, as his life was cut so short. It was still nice to see him there and I left like the toast scene with Cpt Kirk in the beginning of the movie was a toast to Anton. The tribute to Leonard Nimoy made me cry. I miss him. I was happy to see him honored in the movie the way they did. Not only was it a tribute to Nimoy, but it was saying goodbye to the Spock we all came to love. The Spock that I grew up with.

Unlike my fellow Star Trek fans, I actually like these movies. What I like most is the dynamic between the characters. I love the scenes between Cpt. Kirk and Spock, and Bones and Spock. I love the character development. star-trek-beyond

I agree that this version is more action packed and not about the exploration that the original series was about. Someone told me that this movie promised to get back to the roots of Star Trek, but it wasn’t. There was no real exploration of alien races and worlds. Let’s be honest, the major “alien” villain turned out to be a human after all.


Sure, there was Jayla… she’s pretty cool. I liked her a lot. I love that she’s joining Starfleet. I really hope to see more of her in the movies… or maybe in the upcoming series?startrekbeyondreview_feat-1200x630-c

There was the alien who tricked them into the nebula. There was countless alien cameos. However, this doesn’t really make up the sheer lack of exploration. It’s not like they delved into an alien culture more than the humorous scene with Kirk and pint-sized temperamental aliens (whom I cannot remember their name). Wouldn’t it have been nice to have seen that story?


I cringe every time I see the Enterprise destroyed and crashing on a planet. How many times has this now happened in the movies? The movie was almost exclusively action, from the failed peace negotiations, the ships fall, the battle with the villain, and saving the space station. I like action movies, but I agree with my friends that it didn’t feel like a Star Trek movie.

One thought on “Review: Star Trek Beyond

  1. I loved this movie. While I agree that it wasn’t so much about exploration like the original series, it still felt a hell of a lot more like the originals than into darkness and the one before it did. Definitely the best of the three new ones and the second best trek film after wrath of khan

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