Walmart Grocery Pickup


I rather like this new service and it’s very convenient, especially for someone who can’t drive. No one wants to wait for you in the car for an hour or more. No one wants to put up with rude shoppers who take up the entire aisle or having six or more untethered children running wild. No one wants to fight over parking spaces. No one wants to be stuck in the slow lane with grandma, or stuck behind the guy who’s paying in all quarters and dimes. Some people just don’t like to go shopping!

I’ve done this about five times now and 4 out of 5 experiences were great! You order your groceies online, make your reservation, pick up your groceries, and let them load them into the car. It doesn’t cost anything extra to do it! You to go and create a login. Then through out the week I add stuff to the grocery list as I think of it. While I’m in the bathroom, I think to myself that I’m running out of toilet paper, so I go to the site on my phone and add it while I’m thinking about it. I’m cooking dinner and I use the last of the butter… so I grab my phone and add butter to the cart! I’m surfing youtube and watch a review about a product and decide to add it to my cart.

There’s a side menu where you can shop by department. Yes! You can get frozen food, meat, eggs, milk, fresh produce, toiletries, cat food, cat litter, over the counter painkillers and allergy meds… whatever. They keep your perishables in a cold locker until you get there! They even put the cold items into a paper bag in a plastic bag. They generally do put in a good effort to get you the best quality produce available. Only once were the strawberries mushy, but you couldn’t tell by the look of them. They looked good, so I didn’t count it against them. There’s also a search feature if you know exactly what you’re looking for. The running total is on the right of the screen. You check out and pay when you’re ready.


You pick a location and it shows you, in miles, how far away the store is. Then you book a date and time. I always book mine a couple of days in advance. My best friend wanted to try it out but he tried booking it the day before and the day of, to which there was nothing available. When I reserve it a couple of days before it’s virtually an open slate.



After the reservation, there is a window of opportunity to change your order.  Just pay attention to the deadline. Also, you only have so much time to purchase it before it cancels your reservation. Personally, I always pay directly after setting up my reservation. You can even heart your favorite items so that it’s easy to add your favorites to the list every week (or however often you shop).


They typically will call you when the order is ready for pickup. In most cases they were done right around the pickup time. Really, you have a full hour window to pick up your groceries. Don’t worry, they keep your freezer foods frozen and your perishables cold. You are supposed to call them about 15 minutes before arriving, so they can get ready to meet you outside. You follow the “pick up” signs and park in a numbered spot. The phone number is on the sign – call them and tell them which number you are parked in and they’ll come load your groceries into the car for you. You sign the digital screen and they email you your receipt. Today was the first time they weren’t ready. They did manage to get the car loaded right before the end of the hour window, but they forgot a bag! They called me and we turned around to pick it up. I believe today’s experience was different because this was a new location (1801 Belle Isle Blvd). I’ll give this store another shot and if they can’t keep up, I’ll go back to the other location (2000 W Memorial Rd).

My only pet peeve is that they bag single items a lot. It’s a huge waste of plastic, completely unnecessary, and very inconvenient. For example, my little bottle of allergy meds was in a bag with nothing else. Why couldn’t it go into the bag with the tampons and toothpaste? The Ricotta cheese was bagged alone, which it could have gone in with the sour cream and other similar products. The strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries all had similar packaging and didn’t need to be bagged separately. Instead of carrying a million bags, a lot of those items could have been in the same bag. There is no reason for that. That’s a consistently inefficient bagging process, so be warned that you will have a lot more bags than is necessary. I usually end up combining bags before bringing them in, which is extra work I shouldn’t have to do. Aside from that, I love this new service!

Also, on your first pick up they give you a little goody bag. That bag of Paqui nacho cheese tortilla chips are pretty much Doritos. I’m most interested in that DIY hummus. I can’t wait to try it out!

IMG_20160702_164904 IMG_20160702_164944 IMG_20160702_165115 IMG_20160702_165203 IMG_20160702_165048


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