Review: Oriental Chi Acupressure & Reflexology at Penn Square Mall

My best friend and I decided to get a massage at the mall and tried their “total relaxation” which was $60 for an hour. They said it was the whole body but they lied. It was almost exclusively the upper back and shoulders. They barely touched the lower back or legs, did a quick head massage, and a slightly longer arm massage in the last 15 minutes.

They did massage one calf and then interrupted the massage to try to up sale the leg and foot massage. It was like a quick leg massage teaser. First of all, it’s not relaxing to interrupt the massage with sales pitches. Sales pitches are NOT relaxing. You should have pitched it before or after the massage, not interrupt my attempt at trying to relax. It’s just plain rude!

Furthermore, the massage was very painful! Being beaten up isn’t relaxing! By the time bed time rolled around, we were so damn sore. This morning, I’m hurting like I had a really rough workout at the gym or had a bar fight! When we made ouch sounds and squirmed in pain, they didn’t try to be more gentle. I resorted to stopping them quite a few times and you’d think they put more effort into making the massage feel good. I allowed it to continue thinking they’d eventually migrate to the lower end of the body and we were both very disappointed that it didn’t happen. Heck, my friend even tried to give them direction and they completely ignored it.

I get it, they’re an Asian run operation and likely don’t speak English. I hate to sound so mean, but that’s not my fucking problem. If they don’t understand English well enough to adequately describe their services, it’s not a good reason for false advertising or lying about what we’re paying for. Also, if you can’t understand enough English to properly tend to your client, then this client isn’t coming back. If the service had been good or anything close to what it promised – full body and relaxing – then the language barrier wouldn’t have been an issue. There’s a little hole-in-the-wall massage place that we love to get foot massages at, to which they don’t speak English very well either, and yet they manage to put in the effort to communicate with us and make the massage enjoyable. That will be it’s own post.

Last, I didn’t know my guy was sick until the massage started. He was couching and sniffling with that snotty gurgling sound. That ambient sick sound isn’t relaxing, it’s disgusting and I kept wondering if he was couching away or on me? I wondered if I would get sick from being in contact with him. Also, why wasn’t he wearing a mask?! I sanitized myself after having contact with him and I’m hoping I don’t get sick. I get it, sometimes you have to work even though you are sick, but that doesn’t excuse spreading your germs all over your customers with direct contact!!! Wear a face mask and gloves!!

I do NOT recommend the Oriental Chi Acupressure & Reflexology inside the Penn Square Mall!

Link: Massage Pressure: How Deep is Too Deep? –


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