Poem: The Mind of a Cutter

You are thinking about it but you’re telling yourself no.
You’re in a dark place, but won’t let yourself go.
You want to hurt him the way he’s hurting you.
So you hurt yourself because how could you?
Through layers of pain you still care.
It’s why you’re pulling out your hair.
Who are you to stand up this way?
You’ll push what you have left away.
No matter how much pain this causes,
You back down and count your losses.
What’s wrong with you and your biting flesh?
You’re nothing but a worthless mess.
How disgusting and pathetic you are.
Clawing at yourself, you’ll leave a scar.
Carving emotions into your skin.
Slamming down fist again and again.
Punishing yourself for being weak.
Hating yourself at it’s peak.
It is a manifestation of pain inside.
An eruption of every tear not cried.
Recounting all your flaws in depth.
Blaming yourself for what’s left.
Stop it! You stupid bitch!
You can’t afford stitches!
Get your shit together!
Just do better!
Stop whining!
I’m fine!!
I’m fine.


3 thoughts on “Poem: The Mind of a Cutter

  1. Very striking but still well written poem. Cutting’s never worth it. I used to do it a lot back when I was on drugs. I hate the scars and realize now that it did nothing at all like no point.

      • Yeah definitely I know. It really sucks and I can understand people doing it because I used to a lot, but cliche as it sounds I think things get better for everyone. Everything changes even sadness and low points. I’m really glad things changed for me and I was able to be happy again.

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