Review: Captain America Civil War


First of all I loved the movie and second of all… SPOILERS! You know the drill. Don’t read this if you don’t want spoilers. Also, if you want to read my review of the Civil War comic too, click here.

I will say that they changed the story from the comic into a different format. The tragedy that leads to the plot wasn’t so arbitrary as a “reality tv show” and a school of children. The agenda causing this split between the superhero team isn’t quite as clear cut as unmasking heroes. They made it more gray area so that both Captain America and Iron Man could be right. Iron Man was the villain in the comic, but not so much in the movie. I was still on Captain America’s side, but there is something to be understood on Iron Man’s side.

Other things that were different? Well, that epic death scene in the comic that makes you cry… it’s more of a serious injury scene in the movie. There’s no cloned Thor. There’s some noticeable differences between the movie and the comic. Honestly, the changes make sense for the movie adaptation.

The first half of the movie, while it did have some humor in it, didn’t feel all that funny. The situations were tense and it was hard to laugh when things were so serious. The way that Scarlet Witch is treated just broke my heart. I have found a great deal of respect and love for this character. She is very powerful and feels the weight of her actions in guilt. Also, this unusual romance they are building between her and The Vision is kind of interesting and very sweet. Also, I do think they are hinting at a larger issue with the way The Vision was acting. Truth be told, I questioned his logic in this movie and I think that was intentional for us to do so.

Later on in the movie, as sides are picked and the real fighting starts, the humor comes back to you. Ant-man is funny and Spiderman is just hilarious. I loved this new Spiderman. As much as I liked Andrew Garfield, this new kid felt so much more like Peter Parker. I am really excited to see him developed as the new Spiderman. In the comics, Spiderman ends up leaving Team Iron Man (cough*teamwrong*cough) and joins the right Team with Captain America. That didn’t happen in this movie, but I’m hoping it does in the next one!

Ant-man was funny. I love Ant-man. Nothing has changed here. Hawkeye was great as always. Black Widow does her thing. At some point in the movie, I was thinking about how she’s not really a superhero in the sense of being an alien, an inhuman, or mutant. She’s just a badass spy. Then all of a sudden, a scene with her kicking ass, pops up and I was marveling at how fast her reflexes were. She’s pretty badass and she’s earned her superhero title! Also, not surprised by her double-agent move in the movie.

Black Panther was great. He was very well done and I enjoyed his part in this movie. It’s also nice to have more men of color in the movies. Lately, Marvel has been doing really well at introducing strong women in strong roles and adding more ethnicity to the big screen. Black Panther was definitely a pain in the ass to deal with and it’s going to be fun to see him in the movies again.

While the truth of Tony Stark’s parents death was an emotional scene, I have to say that the single most heart felt scenes of the movie was Peggy Carter’s death. It felt organic to me, in that her death happened the way real life death often happens. There’s important things going on and Steve is having a serious meeting when he gets a text. When I first read it, it took a few seconds to hit and then it was an instant change in mood. Oh no… Peggy… Nooo! And the funeral made me cry. Steve dropped everthing to attend to his lost love’s funeral. They didn’t focus a lot of time on this, but I felt like it hit the crowd in the right way. Death is usually sudden and never “at a good time”.

I want to talk about all the characters because they were all awesome. War Machine, Sam, Everette, Crossbones… I’m not surprised that Marvel simply couldn’t include everyone in the movie. There were so many great characters. As much as I love The Hulk and Thor, I’m actually okay that they weren’t in the movie.

Baron Zemo was a good villain. He was very calm and sinister and there’s a madness fueling his vengeance. His plan worked pretty damn good. I’m eager to find out more about him and see this story develop. I’m never disappointed by Marvel movies. Keep it up!


One thought on “Review: Captain America Civil War

  1. Nice review and the movie sounds pretty cool! For some reason though I don’t like any marvel heroes other than Spider-man I’m more of a dc guy. But I haven’t really given iron man or anyone a chance

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