Review: Batman vs superman


I took a long sigh before I wrote this first sentence. I was pumped up for Marvel’s Civil War and wrote a good review. As usual, DC doesn’t stand up to Marvel. I don’t regret seeing the movie, but I can’t say that I loved it. This makes me sad. I’m a big fan of DC and yet their movies just don’t make me happy like Marvel movies do.

I was skeptical of Ben Affleck, but I actually really liked him as Batman. I actually do like Ben Affleck, I just couldn’t see him as Batman until I saw it happen. So great job Ben! Now if only the movie hadn’t been so damned boring!!! It got better towards the end – the far end – but the majority of the movie is so dry and boring. Uhg DC, what the hell?

I have a bone to pick with DC about this movie. First of all, the portrayal of Lex Luthor quite frankly pissed me off. Lex Luthor is my #1 favorite villain of all time and you managed to really make him feel like nothing more than a version of the Joker. Yes, he’s power mad, but this interpretation of him being a cracked out lunatic was just appalling. This was the one thing that caused me the most ire. For the love of Luthor, bring back Kevin Spacey or Michael Rosenberg, but please ditch this Jesse Eisenberg version!

And I’m not done complaining. While Henry Cavill certainly looks the part, I’m having trouble with how they are portraying Superman. The only real difference between Superman and Clark was a pair of glasses. I know it’s a running joke, but the truth is that Clark and Superman are two different personas and should carried in a much different way. Clark was nerdy and awkward, often stammering. While Superman was confident and smooth, with a strong and tall posture. The reason no one recognized Clark as Superman, was because he carried himself way different as Superman. They don’t really do this in the movie.

Superman never seems to smile in these movies which is so weird to me. Superman was light hearted while Batman was serious and intense. To me, they seemed to have the same temperament in this movie and they really shouldn’t. I’m disappointed in how they are portraying Clark.

Wonder Wonder on the other hand, was great! She was sexy and mysterious… and she didn’t need no man! I loved that she turned down Bruce and how much it bothered him. I loved their interaction and the dynamic between them. They portrayed her as a strong interdependent woman without sacrificing her sensuality. Well done! I still think they could have chosen a less model-esque actress for the role, such as Jaimie Alexander, Katheryn Winnick, or Lucy Lawless… but I’m fairly satisfied with how she turned out in this movie.

I’m in a love-hate relationship with DC, while falling head-over-heels in love with Marvel. I feel like I’m having an affair with Marvel while still trying to salvage my relationship with DC. I’m going to see Suicide Squad next and I’m hopeful that this will be the DC movie that will I love… but I’m not holding my breath.


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