Who’s There?

I knocked on his door but no one was home. So I called him and said I was going to leave stuff on his ottoman for him. He could have stopped me, but he didn’t. I suppose he was distracted. I unlocked the door, put stuff on the ottoman, and then I saw her stuff. I heard the bedroom door open and I heard her call out “Who’s there?”

He said he didn’t want me to find out this way.
He said this was a recent thing.
He says he’s not moved on because he still feels a deep connection with me and has an emotional bound with me.
He says that they’re just dating.
He said that last weekend had nothing to do with this.
He said that I can’t hate him for dating.
He also told me not to tell anyone about her.
He says a lot of things.

I feel like he hurts me and then gets made at me for being hurt because he feels guilty. I feel like he lies to my face and then gets mad at me because I don’t believe his lies. I feel like he wants me to just be okay with what he’s doing.

“Who’s there?”

His wife.
The woman he has a deep emotional connection to.
The woman he can’t imagine his life being without me.
The woman he cares deeply for.
The woman he’s hurting more than you can possibly imagine.

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