Poem: Windows & Doors

When we started, the windows and doors were open in my head.
I sat on my heart’s edge with fingers on the window ledge.
With every secret you hide, the window slides.
With every hurt you throw, a window to my heart is closed.
As you strut your indecency, a window to my heart shuts secretly.
You grasp at my hand at the demand of a door.
I pretend that I’m okay, but another door shut today.
I just want time, it’s too fast, but you refuse wait and I’m outcast.
You want me to stay close, accepting the way you behave.
For every selfish moment, my heart is blemished in torment.
With anger at my core, I slam yet another door.
You strip this relationship, window after window, door after door.


3 thoughts on “Poem: Windows & Doors

    • Thank you. I tend to write poetry when I’m feeling strong emotions. Sometimes, I feel like it’s conveyed better poetically than normal descriptives.

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