Poem: In the name of “Happiness”

You say you must pull away at such a speed as to break free of loving me.
You run so fast from what you fear won’t last of our past.
You say you love me and can’t be without me, yet you flee from me.
Like you, I don’t wish to depart what holds our heart.
I am holding so tight that we might retain what was right between us.
I look past your vast blindness and disregard for our past.
I forgive the selfish injustice and react with toughness.
Perhaps I fight without spite in hopes you’ll do right.
I want this friendship but your selfishness only lends to an end.
You clearly exude a sheer lack mere honesty that sears my soul.
You cut my heart as you strut your gluttony and lust.
In your desire of freedom you set bridges on fire.
You cannot force healing without dealing with your feelings.
If you’d only stop to grieve, you would see there’s a better way to leave.
What makes you happy shouldn’t take from what we make of this break up.
Don’t cast aside all sense in defiance, breaking down fences you can’t repense.
Don’t push too far and sacrifice all we are, ignoring all advice.
If you truly cared, you’d declare patience in this separation.
You would not dive into driving me away as I try to survive you.
You would cherish us, not embarrass or allow everything to parish.
Doing what you need shouldn’t cause me to bleed any more than you being free.
I do not want to detest you, as you press this distress in the name of “happiness”.


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