Poem: Disconnected

My mind is strong.
I do not lie to myself or deny myself of necessity.
I focus on what’s best for me and think to what’s next.
I think not of jealousy nor to make an enemy.

Yet, I feel so disconnected.

My heart is stronger.
It forces me to see truth, this course of ruthlessness.
It doesn’t care what’s needed, but feels unheeded.
There is no forcing resolution, simply allowing emotion it’s course.

I feel so disconnected.

My body is weak under strong forces.
Everything it seeks is denied.
Every held composure crumbles into a cry.
With a strong mind, my body still trembles.
My stomach in throws of an emotional ensemble.

I feel so disconnected.

My mind is dejected.
Unable to collect the soul.
My heart is rejected.
Infected by dark depression.
My body is affected.
Unable to direct it all.

I feel so disconnected.


One thought on “Poem: Disconnected

  1. I love the last stanza because that’s exactly what depression does. It disconnects you from yourself and creates an absence instead. Keep up the good writing!

    I run a blog on mental illness called “Dear Hope”, join the community here: wemustbebroken.com

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