Poem: Depression

My body rejects words and I have no will to speak.
I fall away from the world in silence, into a pool of darkness.
I sink into desperation to understand and repair.
I want to feel happy, but darkness is like an abyss crawling into your mind.
I want to eat, but food is tasteless and forcing it makes me ill.
My stomach is an empty pit where my heart has sunk from the heavy weight of my love.
I choose to surround myself with people as not to get lost.
When I fade away from the world, a friend reaches out.
A hand to pull me forward into the world like an anchor.
I listen to people talking and little by little it turns to white noise.
Again I fall away into the silence and the dark place of my soul.
I try to do the things I love, but they are tasteless and rejected.
My soul is rejecting this world, but I reach out and I fight it.
This is my depression and I need people to help me win this battle.
Even the one who breaks my heart reaches out.
I am strong, it’s why I’m still here.
Please keep reaching out to pull me back.
The silence is deafening.


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