Review: Creed


I really liked the movie Creed. It felt like a Rocky movie (like it should). The last actual Rocky movie was nice, but let’s face it, Stallone is getting too old and slow to be the Rocky he once was. They played to that to his advantage in this new movie. He’s the new Mickey for a younger champion and it’s nice to see that legacy being handed down.

I like that they show the toll that being a fighter has taken on Rocky. However, his continued story is depressing. Adrian died of cancer and Rocky’s been sad and alone… and sick. Man, I thought they were going to kill off Rocky in the movie and I was going to cry like a baby. Thankfully they didn’t. They used Rocky’s illness to give him a different kind of fight. Fuck cancer! Good job on spreading awareness! It was great seeing Stallone back in that roll. I used to watch all the Rocky and Rambo movies when I was a little kid. I loved those movies!

It was also pretty great to see the story from side of Rocky’s opponent Apollo Creed (through his son). I thought it was incredibly generous that Apollo’s wife would hunt down and take in her late husband’s love child… a child she is not related to nor has any obligation to. It was a beautiful sentiment.

I liked that they kept the Greek Gods name for his son, Adonis. Donnie was pretty badass but also a little on the silly side. As a young child, he had a pretty rough time in juvie, but he ultimately gets to grow up in a wealthy environment. When he tries to act gangsta, it just comes off as a spoiled tantrum, but it’s ironic that he’s judged for not having grown up on the streets. This idea that only those with hard lives are worthy to fight is silly. There are fights in all walks of life.

Despite that Rocky doesn’t want to be a trainer, he ends up on Donnie’s side. All of his training was a homage to Rocky’s glory days. They did a good job of bringing it all back to the modern day and even sliding some humor in. There were also some single tear moments of nostalgia.

I like Adonis, but I wasn’t a fan of his girlfriend. She came off as a stuck up bitch through out the whole movie. I’m not invested in that character. While I liked the movie, I did cringe a lot during the final fight scenes. Man… they did a great job of making his face look really fucked up. I had sympathy pains. At the end of the fight, it made sense that he didn’t win. He was still amazing, but he was green and he took a hell of a beating. They kept it realistic while still giving you that sense of victory. And they played the Rocky theme, which was fantastic!

It’s obvious there is intention to do more movies and I really hope to see Stallone continuing his trainer role as Rocky.

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