Clark Kent vs Bruce Wayne

I think Clark Kent is a better person than Bruce Wayne. They are both superheroes, but let’s look at them from a personal level. Bruce’s parents were murdered in front of him and that leaves some pretty serious emotional scarring. While I commend him for using his pain for good, the fact still remains that he’s fueled by rage and revenge. Yes, he does good by cleaning the streets of Gotham from criminals and super villains. Bruce is also very vindicated and stubborn. If someone dared to question his motifs or suggest he’s wrong, he would be very prideful and stand his ground that he’s the good guy.

On the other hand, I think Clark would be very open to the idea of questioning himself. “Am I really doing the right thing?” He’s the type of guy who would reflect upon his actions and motifs and even seek out the opinion of the good people around him. Superman was raised by a loving family who taught him values. Clark has strong morals and a sense of duty that is not quite the same as Bruce’s sense of duty.

Bruce’s sense of duty seems to be from his sense of helplessness as a child. No one could save his parents, so now he feels it’s his duty to save people. Where as Clark’s sense of duty comes from a place of generosity. He has this great power and feels an obligation to use it for good. Both heroes are the product of their backstories, but let’s face it, Clark had the better upbringing. Clark has the better support system with family and friends, while Bruce was tragically withdrawn and alone.

Clark has good people around him that keep him honest. He has people who tell him when he’s straying off the right path, and people to help pick him up when he fails. Bruce doesn’t have this support system. He pushes people away and demands things go his way. He even puts children in danger… yes, I’m talking about Robin. Clark would be hard pressed to agree to subjecting such a young child to such dangerous situations.

I do love Batman, but I think Clark has a better sense of right and I think Batman is the one running around unchecked. Do you disagree?


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