Happy New Year!

This year has been a stressful year for me… although I wouldn’t call it a bad year. Good things have happened in 2015 and we’ve had fun. Yet for me, I’ve been feeling unresolved. In the New Year, I want something more.

Although I’m thankful for my work and my promotion, it has been a constant source of stress. I’ve been feeling stuck in a position that I’m not entirely happy in. I feel like there’s no place for me to go within the company. It’s a glass ceiling. I do love my employers and no matter how badly I wish I could stay with them, I feel that my career path is going to bring me to another company. It’ll be a scary move, but I’m happy at the prospect of progressing my career to something better. It hasn’t happened yet, but I believe it’ll be soon after the new year.

This year, my mother and I survived pneumonia. I got my first ever flu shot this year and I haven’t caught a cold or flu since. I plan to continue getting flu shots. I’ve also had some non-stop feminine issues. Remember my posts about menorrhagia (link)? I had a few days break for xmas, but it’s back now. I’ve had a very tired year. I’m seeing a new doctor this January because this condition is exhausting, embarrassing, and incredibly inconvenient. I want my sex life back!!

I also plan to see an otolaryngologist (ears, nose, and throat doctor) to hopefully get rid of this perpetual sniffle. I suspect that I need a tube in my eardrum, but that’s a long story. We’ve already started working on our health and I’m looking forward to doing more… but please respect that I DON’T want advice or opinions on health or weight.

Family has been an especially difficult time for me this year. Mom had a stroke with pneumonia and I was a wreck with worry. She’s well now and spent xmas with us! It was so good to see her and hug her. I love my mother very much. My brother has been a giant sack of drama that I’ve been forced to cut out of my life. It was difficult but it was the right thing to do. You can’t let people treat you like shit and drag you down, regardless of who they are. I am sure that family drama will be a constant factor in my life, as it is for many people. I’ll just get better at mitigating the damages.

While we’ve been “Husband and Wife” for 15 years, we finally got legally married this year. We have an amazing relationship and I am looking forward to deepening our bond and getting a little sexier in the new year. With these health issues, it’s been impossible for us to be physically intimate the way we want to be. I was shutting down any flirtation or intimacy because it was frustrating… it was like an endless tease. Despite this, we’ve been very much in love and happy together. However, a few months ago, this changed. I’m not content with the way things are and we started to flirt and make out again. Just today, I sent my hubby some sexy pics because I was feeling extra flirty. We’ve talked about this and if the only options to resolve these feminine issue is surgery and infertility, that’s fine. We agreed a long time ago to adopt and that hasn’t changed. If I have to get a hysterectomy so young, then so be it. At least then we can move on to a sexier year!

Another good thing that happened this year, was that we joined Underground Theater (link). it’s been a lot more satisfying and a lot less stressful than the time we spend in The Camarilla (now called MES). We learned from the mistakes of the previous larping group and have excelled in the new group. I look forward to growing our troupe and having more fun.

While I love larping, I am also very thankful that we haven’t allowed it to take over all of our free time. It’s been creeping into more of our free time and we’re looking at ways to balance this. I am looking forward to doing more than just larping.  I want to do more nerdy things and I want to sell my handmade toys at conventions. I can’t wait to go to a non-larp convention again! I want to do more blogging and exploring. We re-branded our nerdy group under the name Thought Stream Studios and I’m looking forward to doing more in the new year!

I can’t wait to move into a house and get a dog! Our cats will be pissed, but they’ll love the dog in no time. While we are decent at cleaning the apt, I want to be way better at getting chores done in the new house. Getting this menorrhagia under control will help with this, as it makes me very tired. I want to cook more with my husband and I want to dance more. We used to dance when we were young and I miss it! Before the end of the new year, I plan to have a license too! This new year will be a fixer-upper year and I’m excited for the new year!

Happy New Year!


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