Review: Jessica Jones

As always, if you haven’t seen this yet, there are spoilers in this review.jessica-jones-poster

Yeah, so we binged the whole season in one weekend and loved every minute of it. Normally, I have a thing for David Tennant (he’s my Doctor after all), and even more so for a good villain. When my husband said that I must have thought he was super sexy, I said “Nope. Not sexy at all. It was too real.” Kilgrave was a serious stalker and psychopath who traumatized Jessica.

Unlike most superheroes who face villains like an angry rival,  Jessica Jones was legitimately scared of him. She was not fearless and unshakable. She was actually running from him. Jessica suffered post traumatic nightmares, panic attacks, and severe trust issues. She was seriously withdrawn and paranoid…. with good reason! She only faced Kilgrave because she was literally forced to. She was a straight up victim.

They didn’t glamorize the abuse either. Kilgrave was an incredible villain and he creeped me the fuck out! The fact that they could convey this level of gravity in a villain to the point that I didn’t find him sexy… is remarkable. Both David Tennant and Krysten Ritter’s performances were amazing and encouraged my suspension of disbelief quite successfullly.

Kilgrave forced parents to neglect children to the point that they were locked in a closet for who knows how long. He forced people to murder their loved ones and even kill themselves. He forced one character to become a drug addict to ensure he’d come back when the mind control effects wore off. All the while, the victims are conscious of their actions and suffer incredible guilt and anguish. People have gone to prison for the travesties they were forced to commit… because how do you prove mind control? He often did things out of sheer cruelty. Episode by episode, your paranoia grows. Who is being mind controlled? Who can you trust?

Part of the fun of watching the show was coming up with theories on who was being controlled and what Kilgrave was doing. Some of the things he did were very elaborate and clever. He forced people to do things in a certain order, with certain contingencies, like pawns on a chess board. It was fun to guess what and how all the events lined up. Sometimes, we were right and sometimes he surprised us.

Kilgrave believed that he was in love with Jessica, but he was blind to the truth. He was obsessed because she was the only person he couldn’t control. Control freaks can’t stand not being in control and he was already insane. The one question that still lingers, is how did she become immune? She was under his control for a long time, but then suddenly she was able to just walk away. There’s a scene in the show where you clearly see the moment when his control is broken, but not how or why.

There was moment when I felt a huge amount of pity for Kilgrave after hearing his side of the story – how his parents experimented on him and what it was like to have this ability. It was heart felt, but at some point, I just couldn’t accept the atrocities. I’m sorry you went through that, but it’s no excuse for pure cruelty. At the end of the season, although his death scene is not epic, there was a sense of relief like I had been holding my breath all season, and it was SO satisfying.

It’s a really good show! I liked it more than DareDevil and I highly recommend it!


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