C’est Si Bon (All The Noms)


C’est Si Bon has great reviews online, but honestly, I don’t recommend it. There are better cajun places with better food and better service. The customer experience wasn’t all that great. They weren’t rude… it was the lack of service and inconvenience of trying to dine-in, and the subpar food.


It’s a tiny place with only 2 booths and 3 crammed together tables. They didn’t wait on us at all. We had to go get a menu and when our food was ready, we had to go pick it up. That wasn’t even the biggest inconvenience. Everything was in to-go containers, which included my Gumbo being in a cup. I had to pour it into a bowl and it was a disaster. There’s nothing more exciting than spilling hot gumbo everywhere and making a mess to have to clean up. I don’t think they even noticed and I felt like there was no point in dining in.


The food was okay, but we’ve had better at home. My husband commented that maybe we didn’t have their best food. I don’t buy that. I’m from southern Louisiana and gumbo is a staple and should be one of the best on the menu! The gumbo here has a somewhat similar taste to Cajun King’s but it was less flavorful. The menu specifically stated that there was sausage, shrimp, and crab in it, but there was definitely not any crab. We spent a few minutes digging through it to see if we could find any, but didn’t. Also, there was no holy trinity (onions, bell pepper, celery) or variation of it. It was actually pretty bland, aside from being too spicy.

Some people seem to think spicy is a flavor. Spicy adds to flavor, but it’s not a substitution for properly salt and peppering your gumbo. It’s also quite a pet-peeve that some restaurants don’t mark their spicy items on the menu – and don’t even try telling me all cajun food is spicy. I grew up on cajun food and it’s not all spicy. Not all people in Louisiana like hot. It’s a very simple courtesy that some places take for granted.

20151222_190019My husband tasted my gumbo and liked it more than the Crawfish Etouffee. Since the Gumbo was a little too spicy for me, we traded. The crawfish was mushy, so they probably cooked it too long. It was also really bland. I didn’t like it. We make a better etouffee at home, not to mention the other cajun places in town (Cajun King and Big Easy). I tried to eat it, but I was just really disappointed.

20151222_190038 20151222_190051

The Boudin Balls were good! No, they’re NOT testicles. It’s essentially a fried ball of dirty rice. The outside was a little crunchy and had a cajun seasoning on it (maybe a crawfish boil seasoning). The inside was soft. It was the only thing we ate that I actually liked.


My husband tried the complimentary bread pudding and liked it. He said it’s a spiced bread, but it’s very sweet, and it’s a “once a year kind of desert”. What he meant, was that he wouldn’t order it normally, but might have it as a treat rarely. He said it was actually very tasty, but it was just too sweet to have it more than once in a long while.


I was even annoyed with the drinks. The bottle of coke was mildly cold and, without a glass of ice, it warmed up pretty fast. If you’re going to have dine-in customers, you really should provide a cup of ice. They obviously had cups, seeing as my gumbo was in one. I am not a fan of warm soda.

I asked them where the Chef was from and they said New Orleans… which seems like a standard claim. I’ve been to New Orleans and have had amazing cajun food. It’s too bad this place didn’t live up to my standards. Again, I don’t recommend this place – it’s not worth it compared to the other great cajun choices in town.

We ended up hitting a McDonald’s on the way home.



3 thoughts on “C’est Si Bon (All The Noms)

  1. I like your review style, Corasteel. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.

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