Fifteen years ago, I met my now husband and his roommate Greg. Through out our friendship, Greg was one of the most generous and polite men I’d ever known. He was a very good friend to us and helped us out when we needed it. Eleven years ago, on 11/22, we lost Greg.

When I got really sick, a friend in Oklahoma offered us to come out here to stay with them and they would help my husband care for me without any pressure to hasten my recovery; despite their own life struggles. I am ever so grateful for Chazz and Carrie. Three years ago, again on 11/22, we lost Chazz.

Two people who gave so much for us when we needed it, would pass away on the same date, years apart, during Thanksgiving Holiday. It’s impossible for us not to feel thankful every Thanksgiving Holiday, because we will always remember their kindness and love and what the world lost that day.

So I am very thankful for those of us still here to remember those who aren’t. Please be sure to have a very safe Holiday this season!


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