Review: Harbinger Faith #0


I have to say that I’m pretty darn excited about Faith! My husband loves Valiant Comics and he has told me so much about her. Recently, we received issue #0 of Harbinger Faith which is a preview of her stand alone comic.

This preview only gave a quick recap of her background story and peak of what Faith is like.  There are some humorous moments. Having never read the Harbinger comics, here’s my impression of Faith from this one brief introduction to the character. 

The first and most notable is that she’s plus size. It’s awful naive to think that all superheroines would be skinny hot chicks. Faith is hot and curvy in a way that relates to me. Not only this but it promotes a healthy body image. Fat-shamers will argue that it promotes obesity, but they don’t understand the body positive movement. Yes, Faith is fat and I hope that the movie/tv industry doesn’t size her down. She’s a fat woman who dresses up in a sexy red dress, looks in the mirror, and says “I look hot!” There’s a scene were she’s flying off in that red dress, after her powers are activated, and I can’t help but wonder “Did she go commando for that blind date?” I stifled a childish giggle. Faith’s active and has a sex life – which is treated with quite the saucy humor.

Secondly, she has something in common with another of my favorite heroines, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) . Faith is a huge nerd and she’s lovably dorky. She did come off a bit ditzy in this preview, but only in the most nerdy way possible. Faith seems like a fun character all around. She values happiness.

Third, she’s so joyous. Zephyr (Faith) gets in an argument with her boyfriend Torque and this scene makes it very clear that she wants to go out and save the world. She has this strong desire to do good. When she’s invited to join Unity, she even cries and says it’s the happiest day of her life. It just goes to show how much love she carries in her big heart.

There’s obviously a strong background story. There’s one image denoting the death of Flamingo and it’s very sad. They don’t dwell on that moment, but it does come up in a later argument.

My husband told me more about Faith, Harbinger, and Unity. He says that Faith doesn’t end up staying with Unity long because she doesn’t agree with the way they operate. He says there’s a lot of morally gray areas, but with Faith, she has such a strong sense of right and she stands up for what she believes is right. I like that she doesn’t compromise her morals.

He also showed me scenes from the Book of Death and it was heartbreakingly beautiful as it looked like millions had come to honor Zephyr’s memory.  I’m excited to get to know a character worthy of so much admiration and go on part of her journey.



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