Review: Jane The Virgin

I think I got tricked into a soap opera… but I love it!

I didn’t know anything about it, it just popped up in my Netflix suggestions (you know me so well). It seemed like a comedy. For me, it wasn’t a laughing out loud kind of comedy, but more of an amusing kind of humor. It was funny in concept… a virgin who is accidentally inseminated. As situations happened, I found myself in a murder mystery.

I love the narrator which adds a lot of humor and is a very clever way to keep the viewers up to speed. If a character was in a scene early on and then makes an appearance later, they remind you of why they were important. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s amusing. They do give the narrator some personality while keeping it short and sweet. I really like this aspect of the series so far… and his voice is sexy (Anthony Mendez).

Through out the show they have mentioned Jane’s love of telenovela’s and romance novels. Little did I know that they would draw into one. They made light of Jane’s fantasies while sneaking in the soap opera plot twists. I don’t normally like soap operas, but they make it so entertaining and not in the dramatic way. They really do make fun of the drama. Jane’s father is a telenovela star who acts dramatic in “real life” and it’s hilarious. They really let you experience the drama without it being too much. The comedy really balances the story, and it peaks my interest every episode!

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is so easy to love. While she’s a romantic, she’s an honest good natured woman you can respect. She’s not the stereotypical woman that I see in most shows. She’s actually portrayed in a down to earth realistic way. She’s rational, but has moments of panic or emotion that actually make sense. All in all, she’s a stable and good woman. It seems like most of the characters around her are more dramatized. Jane keeps you invested with her exciting life.

I love the family values they express no matter what plot is in the forefront. Jane’s mother (Andrea Navedo) and grandmother (Ivonne Coll) feel like real family. Grandma is wisdom while mom is a handful… just like in real life. While they have their moments of domestic drama, it’s not over dramatized. It’s portrayed without harming the family values and the togetherness of a loving family. In fact, their drama is way less dramatic than my real family drama! Go figure.

As they introduce twists to the story, you can’t help but giggle or guess what you think is happening, because they don’t try to hide the fact that it’s a telenovela… they make fun of it in a smart way. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I’m loving it.

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