Buckhorn Family Restaurant (All The Noms)


The experience sucked. The service at Buckhorn Family Restaurant in Amarillo Texas wasn’t so great. I pointed at the menu’s flyer, directly on the giant picture of the delicious steak breakfast, and I said that I would like my steak medium rare please. I should note now that this was the ONLY thing on this flyer!


It had been a while and I tried to be patient, but I eventually had to get up to track down our waitress who we hadn’t seen in quite some time. I had forgotten to tell her how I wanted my eggs cooked (because frankly she never asked) and told her I’d like my eggs to be over easy please. She was confused… I could tell because she was staring at me with a confused expression. I actually had to ask her “Is there a problem?” because she seemingly had suddenly forgotten how to speak.

She then said she thought I ordered “the meal” but didn’t elaborate. So I became confused and said “I’m not sure I understand. Is the steak breakfast not a meal?” She said she thought I wanted the “non-breakfast” meal. I pulled out said flyer and tried to politely point out that the steak breakfast is the only thing on the flyer. So then she had to go back and change the order. At this point, I was still being fairly friendly.

However, she vanished again. She didn’t check on us at all, let alone to refill our drinks. We sat around chatting for a very long time. The food took forever to come out and I promise you this place was NOT that busy (just look at the background of the flyer photo). It’d been at least an hour with no real service which was trying all of our patience.

The steaks we ordered came out well done, which is not even close to medium rare. On top of that, she took our whole plates and the eggs and hash got cold. The plate they brought back had cold food and steak smothered in steak sauce, and crap that I didn’t want nor order. In fact, take a moment and look at the menu again. Is that what we got? No. It’s not. How hard is it to follow your own menu?


20150923_22205020150923_222054We had a friend with us and he wasn’t all too happy about his food either. The over hard eggs he ordered were over easy (he hates slimy eggs). The home fries weren’t seasoned or even home fries. homefries

Honestly, it’s like they didn’t care to even try! I felt like they didn’t care about us as customers, didn’t listen, didn’t take responsibility for their mistakes, and probably made us wait so long on purpose. We had been there about two hours and we finally just got up and left. We went to McDondal’s and got exactly what we ordered. Guess McDonald’s cares more about it’s customers than Buckhorn’s does.

I’m not a nightmare customer until I’ve been thoroughly ignored, neglected, and irritated. They were lucky that I chose to simply leave rather than give them a piece of my mind. I do NOT recommend this place.


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