Bonjour! (All The Noms)


I loved it when they called out “Bonjour!” when we entered this little diner. When they brought out our food they even said “Bon Appetit”. The wait staff was great. The Owner’s sister was delightfully nerdy! She had a Superman shirt on, big librarian style glasses, and a great smile! She seemed like the kind of person we’d hang out with.  In fact, the Owner, Vuong Nguyen, (who’s also the Head Chef) came by each table to ask how the food was and he was so friendly and welcoming. It really added a nice personal touch to the whole experience!


Our waitress (also super nice and helpful with recommendations) said that everything is made fresh. We only waited about 15 minutes for two orders of eggs benedic  ($8.99 each). It was my first time having eggs benedict and it was DELICIOUS! The sauce was creamy, had a little tang to it, and was so flavorful. The egg yolk just added to the flavor and creaminess. The egg wasn’t slimy to me, it was just a thick creamy yolk spilling down onto thin ham slices and an english muffin. Even the home fries were fantastic. They were cooked all the way through, but still soft in the middle and a little crisp on the outside.

It looked like a small portion, but it was actually very filling. They just don’t over serve the food like most breakfast diners do. This place has usurped my favorite weekend brunch place! We liked it so much that we went back twice to try something else on the menu!


For round two, the husband had the crab cake eggs benedict ($14.99) and it was more delicious than the regular benedict that we had originally. They even used real crab meat! It’s hard not to order this dish every time. This dish had potato hash, jalapeno, and bell peppers in addition to the rest of the eggs benedict. This is our favorite of everything we’ve tried so far!

20151025_131950 20151025_132035I had tried the chocolate waffle ($6.99) hesitantly. Lately I’ve not liked diner waffles because they are often too thick, too mushy, and/or too rich. All my fears were met with deliciousness! This waffle was just the right size. The chocolate had a pleasantly bitter taste (like dark chocolate), but it was complimented nicely by the tart strawberry jam, sweet toffee, pecans, yummy whipped cream, and fresh berries. It was so good and it was beautifully presented.

20151025_132011I even tried the french press coffee and I liked it. Normally, I drown my coffee in sugar and cream, but I didn’t have to with this coffee. They used condensed cream which added just enough sweetness that I didn’t need to add anything to it. I recommend the french press.
20151025_131844And now for round three! We tried the gruyere biscuit and gravy ($6.99), and breakfast reuben ($8.99). The reuben was very flavorful and the sauerkraut was noticeable. For me, it was more tart than I’d like, but it really did add to the flavor. Less sauerkraut for mine! However, it wasn’t mine… it was my husband’s lunch and he loved it just the way it was. All the ingredients complimented each other.


The gruyere biscuit was big and cheesy. Apparently, gruyere is a cheese! The biscuit was thick and sitting in a lake of gravy! The gravy was very tasty. So many places have bland gravy, but this was so good that I didn’t even need to season it! There was just enough for each bite of biscuit. I devoured it the way that I devoured my mother’s biscuits and gravy! Of course nothing compares to my mom’s biscuit and gravy (I love you mom!)


And finally, we decided to try a desert. We went with the mocha cake and it was not what I expected. It was delicious and moist. So soft and moist that it melted in my mouth. The whipped cream, jam, and fruit added all the same amazing flavor as it did to the chocolate waffle. I loved it. Everything is so beautifully presented and tastes amazing!


I highly recommend Bonjour!

IMG_20151031_134354883 20151024_133523


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