This summer, I made the decision to get a flu shot when winter comes. I’ve never had a flu shot in my life. I have an anxiety disorder and getting shots is a huge trigger. I was brave when I made the willing decision to get one this year. Now that’s it time, will I have the courage to go through with it?

I’ve been getting a call from an unknown number for the past couple of mornings and I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize. They aren’t leaving voicemail, so I just assumed it was spam. So I ignored it again today.

While looking at some nice photos, taken by a photographer, from the convention that we attended for our honeymoon, I wondered when my photos would be back from being developed. I wondered when they might be calling me back and suddenly I had a eureka moment. That must be who’s calling me. I called the number back and it was the automated CVS line. YAY! My photos are in!!

While on hold, the recording mentioned flue shots. So in a moment of bravery, I told my husband that while we are picking up photos after work today, we should get the flu shot. I told him that I’m being brave in even mentioning it and that I’ll need his help to go through with it. I need him not to let me “forget”, which could happen at the height of anxiety if he actually forgets about it.

The bravery came from rational thoughts. I’m excited and I’ll be distracted by my wedding photos. It’s a friday, so it’s not like I’m ruining what’s left of my evening (I don’t have to go to bed any time soon). It’s the beginning of the weekend so there’s plenty of time to recover.

I am half considering picking up Quill for moral support. Quill is a stuffed butterfly named after Nyquil/Dayquil. He was with me during my ear surgery, when I got a nasty tooth pulled, and other illnesses. He’s a cute soft plush that I can pet, squeeze, and talk about when I’m trying to manage severe anxiety. I love Quill ❤ (and my wonderful husband)!

What made me finally decide to do it? Pneumonia.

I’m actually pretty confident that I’ll get my shot and that I’ll recover quickly.


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