Happy 15th Anniversary

Fifteen years ago today, I met my husband. We’ve been together so long and finally, in less than two weeks, we’ll be getting married on paper! We’re excited and it’s something to ensure our legal future together. We are already married in our hearts. We’re in a phase of our lives where we’ve learned a lot about businesses and being good employees. We have career plans and goals. We feel like adults… but not boring adults.

We are having fun doing what we’re doing and we’re staying with the times. We love technology and this feels like our age. We’re still very young at heart, but now we know what we’re doing most of the time. It’s nice to be doing life together. Getting married is part of the plan and no matter what date we get married on, today will always be our anniversary. It’s the day that two young kids met at goth night at a bar and set out on an adventure together.

Here’s to the continued adventures! And here’s our wedding registry (click here).


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