Review: Fear the Walking Dead


It’s very slow moving, but it’s only the first episode.

Of course the nerdy kid, Tobias, is the one crying about the impending zombie apocalypse. I suppose if zombies really were happening, us nerds probably would be the first admit that it’s the zombie apocalypse.

It’s also believable that the drug addict witnessed his drugged up friend eating his other drugged up friends. Everyone blames it on the drugs. If a drug addict told me this story, I’d think it was just the drugs making them do crazy shit. Instead of being dramatic about it and screaming about zombies, Nick Clark actually handles it more realistically. He’s been through something traumatic and he doesn’t want to talk about it at first. He has nightmares, finally tells his father, and seeks out answers to what happened to him. This all seemed realistic enough to me.

What I find stupid is that the dad goes to were this zombie massacre happened to check it out. Even if it wasn’t a zombie attack and some drugged crazed addict was out of her mind murdering her drug buddies, it’s stupid to go investigate it alone. Call the cops, you moron! And of course mom just logics away what the dad is trying to tell her. They’re just addicts. Bad things happen. Speaking of drugs and terrible things… could you imagine going through withdrawals in the middle of a zombie apocalypse?

There’s moments of fine detail and moments of missed details. For example, Nick buys a burner phone, but then doesn’t leave his new number when he asks his friend to call him back – duh! Then there’s the good subtle details, like the missing posters and the silhouette of the guy in the background who you know is a zombie lurking.

Eventually, there’s video of the cops shooting a man who won’t die, until they finally get a head shot. You know that a zombie apocalypse would be viral on social media if it happened. Schools are closing half day. There are helicopters flying over head. At first, everything was happening in the background, everyone has their own drama to deal with, but the reality of it starts to cross the path of their daily lives.

Finally, the family drama comes head to head with the zombie apocalypse. Through out the episode, I found that I am most pleased with Frank Dillane’s performance (he plays the drug addict son Nick Clark). I liked the first episode and I’ll be watching the next one!



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