School Dress Codes

Girls who are sent home because they are too distracting for boys is ridiculous. Being sent home for violating the dress code sounds reasonable… expect when the codes are stupid. The biggest issue with dress codes is the inequality and often times the absurdity of the claims of “inappropriateness”. A girl wearing perfectly decent clothing gets sent home because her collarbone is exposed… fuck that. Like collarbones are so sexy… yeah right. Next thing you know, girls will be forced to were hijabs because their hair is too sexy. Maybe one day, girls will be required to wear masks because her face is too distracting.

Perhaps you should teach the boys how to focus. “I was distracted by a pretty girl” won’t cut it in the work force. At my job, there are many hot ladies and guys still manage to get their work done. Sure, it’s harder for the hormone raging boys… but girls are just as hormone raging and distracted as the boys are. Why aren’t boys sent home when girls get distracted? Girls education is just as important as boys. I’d rather see boys and girls split up in classes rather than send the message that boys being distracted is more important, or that girls need to dress to accommodate boys.

Now, I’m not entirely against dress codes… but if you are going to have a dress code, it needs to be gender equal. No cleavage, butt cracks/cheeks, chests or tummies can be shown, which includes boys. I don’t care if it’s gym class, if girls can’t run around topless, neither should boys. No underwear should be seen… this includes boys who let their pants sag passed their boxers. If girls skirts and shorts can’t be shorter than the knee, then boys skirts and shorts can’t be either.

Oh, boys can’t wear skirts? Well then neither should the girls! If you think it’s absurd, well so do we! It’s equal or not at all!


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