Walmart Fat Cart

While sick with pneumonia for the second week in a row, I was in Walmart with my husband and I felt exhausted. When I was sitting in the car, I had energy, but as soon as I got up and walked, I lost it. It was still hard to breath. I could have stayed in the car, but I wanted to make sure we got the right stuff.

My husband suggested the Walmart electric riding cart. However, I have come to associate this cart as the “fat cart”. I’m fat, but I’m not so fat that I need a scooter. I can walk, run, jump, dance, etc. However, there’s a feeling of shame and defensiveness in sitting in that cart, feeling like everyone is judging me.

However, I was wiped and sat down on the bench outside the pharmacy, which wasn’t that far into the store. The real shame is not being able to use the cart when you need it, because of fat shamers and judgmental asshats. I asked my husband to fetch the cart. My husband admitted that he felt embarrassed riding the cart even though he’s not fat (all be it a tad chubby in his aging).

Riding the cart was surprisingly easy and fun. I was being rather silly and it gave me back enough energy to complete shopping. I was having so much fun that I stopped caring about what other people thought. It wasn’t so embarrassing once I was rolling about doing my thing.

Although, I will say that people are rude. When I was first trying to figure out how to navigate around a corner, there was lady standing in the way. She didn’t bother to move, so I had to go all the way around the other way. Just as I’m coming out the other side, she decides to get right in my way. Really? Come on! Move your ass before I mow you down with my fat cart!

The only time I’ve ever been rude or overtly judgmental to someone in a “fat cart” was this one time that a morbidly obese lady had the cart sideways blocking off the entire aisle, reaching for a bag of cookies and she asked me to get her the cookies. “Are you kidding me? You didn’t have to park your cart the wrong way and block off the entire aisle.” and I walked off. If you can’t reach the cookies, then you don’t need them – is what I was seriously thinking. You don’t own the aisles just because you’re fat. You don’t have the right of way just because you are in a cart. I’ve seen plenty of very large people not block off the entire aisle on a quest for cookies. Don’t expect me to get you those cookies when you can’t be bothered to stand up to get them yourself – especially after having already inconvenienced me.

Normally, I don’t judge fat people who eat junk food. I’m fat and I eat junk food. In fact, if you are so fat that you need a cart because the weight is hard on the back and knees, and you still want those cookies… I’m fine with that, because you have the right to do what makes you happy. What I don’t like, is when people are inconsiderate of others.

Don’t expect other people to cater to your health choices. On the flip side, I also don’t like that people are so fucking judgmental and rude, that someone might not use the cart when they need it. Not all fat people are lazy and unhealthy (living wise).

Dear Walmart Walking Shoppers,

You do not have to tolerate rude cart shoppers just because they are fat or disabled. You do not have to cater to laziness. However, don’t be a dick to innocent cart shoppers. Don’t judge them. Don’t make rude comments or expressions at the cart shopper. Don’t get in the way of the carts just because you feel entitled. Don’t post humiliating media of cart shoppers (it goes along with not being a dick).

Dear Walmart Cart Shoppers,

You have the right to use the cart when you need it without harassment or judgement. You do not have the right of way, Look both ways before driving out into traffic. Wait your turn. Don’t cut people off. You do not own the aisles. Do not block the aisle by positioning your cart sideways. Plug in the cart when you are done so that the next person can use it (IE it must be charged). If you can’t reach the cookies, try standing up.

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