Short Hair and Comfortable Shorts

A while back, my husband and I went to Walmart looking for shirts to wear this summer. All I could find in the women’s section were skimpy shorts. Online, there is a plethora of fashionable and cute shorts, and even the longer shorts are still too short and often formfitting. So, here comes my husband around the corner with an arm full of comfortable shorts. I sighed with envious frustration. “Why can’t girls have comfortable shorts? It’s all booty-shorts as far as the eye can see.”

Finally, I said fuck it! I’ll just buy men’s shorts. Sure, they aren’t cute or girly, no flower prints or decorative designs. Men’s shorts come in solid colors, plaid, and cammo. First of all, I wear solid color pants, so solid color shorts aren’t a far stretch. I like plaid. I even like cammo. I don’t typically wear a lot of super girly stuff and it’s usually either geeky or professional. So yeah… why not just get the men’s shorts? I bought a bunch and I LOVE them! They are SO comfortable! If I want to look cute, I’ll put on a cute shirt and some cute hair accessories to go along with those shorts.

This reminds me of the first time that I decided to cut my hair super short. I’d always had long thick redhead. As a teenager, I joined a Boyscouts sponsored Explorers group that teaches you about the military. We learned the ranks and rules. We learned how to maintain a uniform, how to take apart a rifle, clean it, put it back together, and how to shoot it. We learned how to march and take orders. We went on camp outs with the real military and learned how to survive. There were very few girls (three including me at the time). We ended up deciding to cut our hair really short and we were excited to do it.

Mom wasn’t fan of this idea. I was asked a million times if I was sure I wanted to do this. I was told that I’d look like a boy. I looked down at my double D’s and laughed “I really don’t think my hair cut is going to confuse anyone, with tits this big mom.” (and no, I wasn’t fat at that time). Everyone made a big deal about this, but sheesh! Hair grows back! So I got it cut really short and of course mom said I looked like a boy. I told her she was being silly. Having short hair doesn’t make you look like a boy. I still acted like a girl, I still had a girl’s face, big tits, and a vagina. Having short hair never stopped me from being flirted with, cat called, or pursued in a romantic way.

I eventually grew my hair out again, but every summer, I cut it again. Today? It’s short all the time and it’s really short; shorter than the first time I cut it. Today, short hair isn’t just for boys anymore.



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