Review: Marvel Runaways (2015)


My husband said, “You’d probably like Runaways.” so we bought it, without me knowing what it was about. I didn’t even look at the book. Yesterday, we were updating our comic inventory (yes, we are orderly with our comics) and I decided to finally read it. I was tickled with nostalgia when I realized it had Jubilee and other younger marvel characters in it. I liked the way they introduced the character with little character cards and the “fun facts” were amusing.

When I mention that Amadeus Cho (super genius, no powers) in this high-school like setting (it’s the Doctor Doom Institute), my husband got a little nerdy all over himself. I squeed when Cloak and Dagger showed up. Dagger’s fun fact was that he hates drama but ends up in all the drama. Reading the fun facts makes certain scenes more funny later… such as when Dagger gets in trouble when he wasn’t actually involved in the drama that landed everyone in detention.

I remembered Jubilee being a whiny pain in the ass in the X-Men cartoon when I was a kid. She’s even more of a self-centered brat in this comic. She’s the reason everyone’s in trouble. She’s the reason everyone gets stuck together in a team. I dig that Jubilee is a lesbian. It’s even more humorous that the fairy is bi… no really… there’s a fairy chick. She’s called Pixie.

Most of the characters are humorous in some fashion. Bucky Barnes is a glorified hall monitor… all the LAWLS! Bruiser is my favorite so far. She’s a tiny little eleven year old with a pig hat, who is very cute and girly, and yet she’s the tank. She’s the super strong mutant. Perhaps I’m biased as I am a short but powerful redhead who in fact likes cute things too.

The comic seems to be about a mischievous group of losers who have an assortment of abilities… some of which seem pretty useless (fireworks? really?). It’s humorous and I’m interested to see what they do with it. I never read the original Runaways comic (2003). I hear this comic has something to do with the Secret Wars. So far, I like it. I’ll be picking up the next issue.



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