Engagement Ring

I met my husband fourteen years ago and this September will be our fifteenth year anniversary. The thing is… we’re not actually married. We have lived as husband and wife for more than a decade. There are many reasons why we hadn’t gotten married yet. At first, we were searching for lost loved ones… sadly we found out that his father passed away. There was a point in which I was very sick and in the hospital a lot. Then we were poor for a long time. We tried ring shopping once, but we were made to feel like shit because we didn’t have enough money to prove our love (fuck you ring salesmen). I didn’t want to do a courthouse wedding. I don’t talk about this often, but I did have a very brief marriage when I was eighteen and it was a courthouse wedding. It was a mistake and I didn’t want our wedding to feel cheap. It meant more to me. Time goes on… and on… and now it’s more than a decade later.

For the past 6 years, we’ve lived a very stable life. We talked about planning our wedding and we decided to get married on the day we met, which is the day we currently celebrate our anniversary. This year, we find ourselves going to Las Vegas for the first time for a role playing convention and we thought… Vegas? Chapels? Let’s do this! And everything is coming together.

I’ve been sick with pneumonia for the past week and a half, and this livened up my day! My husband scared the shit out of me, kneeling with the engagement ring in his hand outside the bathroom door. Apparently, I flailed. There was laughter and then a long fit of coughing (as I’m still sick). We ordered a Doctor Who wedding set and this is the engagement ring. I won’t show off the Doctor Who bands until after the wedding.
11214707_10156143811975495_754794207804592043_nA lot of things have changed since a decade ago. I don’t want a traditional wedding anymore. Over time, we talked about how boring weddings are and that doesn’t appeal to us. We don’t want our friends to be bored either (they would never admit it). I don’t want an expensive white dress or a big expensive ring, This is why we got the nerd rings. It’s why we’re planning to get married in our Doctor Who costumes. It’s why we are getting married during the same weekend as a gaming con, to which we will spend our honeymoon roleplaying.

Sure, there have been times of frustration, in that we hadn’t gotten married in so long, but I’m actually very thankful and happy that we waited so long. If we hadn’t waited, we couldn’t have done what we really wanted to do for a wedding. This wedding is nerdy, it’s us… just the way it should be.

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