Emma Robinson: Not Autotuned

Before I tell you about Emma Robinson, let me tell you about why I dislike autotuning so much. Once upon a time, I didn’t understand why people hated autotuning.  Then one day, I listened to a “special acoustic” video of Ellie Goulding singing and it was so different than her videos! Her voice was authentic, raspy, soulful, and beautiful. Autotuning her voice is insulting. It’s like saying her natural talent isn’t good enough. Autotuning deprives me of hearing something unique, real, and more artistic. Thus my disdain for autotuning.

My husband and I spent some time surfing Youtube.com from our Chromecast. We watched a video of Emma Robinson singing Paper Hearts (a Tori Kelly cover). We thought she sounded soulful and was very pretty, but we were turned off by the autotuning. However, in the second video, a Titanium cover (David Gueta),  in the description she stated that she does not autotune or edit her voice.

Of course we were skeptical. Although, listening to the other songs, there are a few songs where the breaks in her voice don’t quite work for the song. You’d think if someone is going to autotune, it’d be consistent. Most of the songs are great, just not all of them. Then I found this ABC News video of her where they witnessed her signing Somewhere Over The Rainbow in person and they said it’s not autotune. I’m as convinced as I can be, bar actually witnessing her in person myself.

It’s fascinating that someone can naturally sound autotuned. She has a unique voice and she’s obviously a talented singer. I’m a fan.


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