Review: Ant-Man


I had heard that this movie was better than Guardians of the Galaxy, but I disagree. The movie was really good and a lot of fun, but it wasn’t as good as Guardians! I didn’t laugh out loud at many of the scenes, even though the movie was still pretty humorous. It was charming and I thought Paul Rudd was a good choice for Ant-Man. I was rather pleased with the cast and their subsequent acting skills. Scott’s reactions to everything, his interactions with the other characters, and his love for his daughter all felt genuine. Even though he was officially the star of the movie, it felt less like “look at me, I’m the star” and more like he was important to the story. Everyone played an important part.

Louis, portrayed by Michael Pena, was hilarious.  He was always smiling, especially when it was during ironic moments. This character makes a really good sidekick and I hope to see more of him. The other sidekicks, Kurt (David Dastmalchian) and Dave (Tip “T.I.” Harris), were also humorous but Louis was my favorite.

Corey Stoll portrayed Yellowjacket with a level of charm that may make you feel guilty for liking him. He was able to pull off that altered brain chemistry, as he had clearly gone mad! There were other villains at play as well, which I assume will play bigger parts in future movies… but the movie was more focused developing the important characters and seeding some important backstory. While they did follow the movies’ plot, the focus was more on the bigger picture that is yet to come. At least that was my impression.

There was focus on Hank and his daughter Hope’s relationship. We find out about what happened to his wife Wasp and they give us hope that maybe she’s still alive and can be rescued. Of course, I enjoyed the dynamic between those three main characters! I also love Michael Douglas and I was thrilled to see him portraying Hank Pym!

The cameo of Falcon was one of the funniest scenes in the whole movie. I don’t have to tell you about Anthony Mackie’s acting. If you’ve watched the Avenger’s movies, you should already be familiar with this guy. There’s nothing like getting your ass kicked by a tiny Ant-man! I’d love to see a scene in Avengers were Cpt. America finds out about it.

The ants were awesome. They put them to good use. My husband has a phobia of ants, so he was cringing at several of the scenes. He said that I can’t have a giant pet ant… I squeed at that scene. Yellowjacket was already killing baby lambs in the movie, racking up the negative karma. Now he’s done got us right in the feels by killing Antoni, the ant we spent almost the whole movie bonding with. I was rooting for his well deserved ass kicking.

It was great seeing Hayley Atwell and John Slattery reprising their roles as Agent Carter and Howard Stark. Cameos are great and they add a feeling of continuity to the movies. Bobby Cannavale, another good actor, was portraying a cop who’s married to Ant-Man’s ex-wife and is constantly getting in the way of the heroes saving the day. His scenes were also funny and while he was a pain in the ass character, he was worthy of respect for caring about Ant-Man’s daughter and looking out for her best interest. Cassie is the reason Scott is Ant-Man after all. Abby Ryder Fortson (Cassie) was an adorable little actress.

At the end of the movie, the plot is resolved and the other villains, Hydra and Mitchell Carson (Martin Donovan) were not the focus of attention really. It felt like they only wanted you to know they were involved and then immediately shifted your attention back to Yellowjacket.

After the movie, there was a mid-credit scene and an after-credit scene. Yes, there were two bonus scenes! With all the resentment between Hank and his daughter and the times Hope was shot down, it was so satisfying to see Hank offering Hope to be the next Wasp! Hope was badass in this movie and now I’m excited. We need more strong female roles in the Marvel movies and obviously they have plans for Wasp. I’m also very pleased with Evangeline Lilly’s performance.

My husband and I didn’t really notice anything suggesting involvement with the Civil War plot, but that last bonus scene had Cpt. America, so maybe Ant-Man is going to be involved after all. Ant-Man is going to be on Team Cap… just you wait and see! #TeamCaptainAmerica



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