OKC Zoo 05-30-15

We’re a social couple but most of our parties and activities are not kid-friendly. We promised our parent-friends that we’d do more kid-friendly events. I love going to the zoo and that is definitely kid-friendly! We had a great time.

The OKC Zoo isn’t the biggest and I wish some of the enclosures where bigger, but the Zoo is actually pretty decent. When it’s miserably hot outside, a majority of the animals like to stay hidden from the sun and subsequently from the zoo goers. Still, the zoo usually has plenty of animals to gawk at during most weather. Fortunately for us, it was really nice that day and LOTS of animals graced us with an appearance!

This time around, we started with the big animals side of the zoo! We didn’t see Rupert (the baby rhino) this time, but this big fellow was out walking around showing off his pretty red armor. Here in Oklahoma City, we have red dirt instead of the common brown dirt that everyone else has. It’s red due to the clay in our soil. So when the Rhino’s wallow in the mud, they come out looking red.


We caught a brief glimpse of these fat little foxes. When you see pictures of foxes online, they are usually slender. So, it was surprising to see these chubby fellows.


The Okapi were licking the mosquitoes off each other. After all that rain and flooding we had that month, the bugs were en masse. We definitely felt their pain there! The mosquitoes and gnats have been super aggravating this season.

I’ve told my husband and friends about these turkey-looking birds without tails that run around the fields near work. Every time I try to point them out, they always miss it. No one ever knew what I was talking about until I described them to our best friend. He said they were “guinea hens”. I googled them and that was definitely what I had seen.


The Guineafowl at the zoo was hilarious. They are very fast and one of them escaped over the fence and then immediately regretted its decision. I just imagined the hen saying “I’m FREE!!! Oh Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Let me back in!!”

Zebra having a snack. No interesting story here.


This cheetah was a serious tease. In the many times we’ve visited the zoo, we have never before seen a cheetah. At first, the cheetah enclosure was being built… forever. Then we couldn’t figure out where exactly the cheetah area was built. Then the cheetahs just weren’t around. This time, we saw the cheetah pacing up front, but as soon as we got there, he hid in the foliage. We went around to the side of the enclosure and zoomed in to get this picture.


After a few minutes he got up and paced again. We walked around the front and got a good look at him. He was rather small and very slender. We aren’t sure if  he was an adolescent cheetah or if adult cheetahs are really that small? He seemed bored, or perhaps it was stress, so we didn’t linger more than a minute. Do cheetahs ever go for a run in captivity?20150530_102658

The hyenas were out too! We don’t often see these guys. She was really pretty. I thought her ginger fur looked so pretty. Hyena are typically spotted and while I’m sure she has spots, it didn’t look like it from my view point. Her facial expression looks tired, don’t you think?
20150530_102411Africa Wild Dogs are one of my favorites of the zoo. At first, we saw nothing, but after a few minutes of scanning the terrain closely, we spotted a huddle of pups taking a nap.
20150530_103147I got to feed a giraffe! It’s cheap and easy and you get to get up close to a giraffe. You even get a button to wear that says you fed a giraffe. You can’t touch them, but it’s totally worth it. Their long tongues are incredibly agile and it’s really neat to see!

The bats were so cool. I love bats. One year, we turned a corner by mistake and was semi-lost. We didn’t know what was inside the barn and we weren’t 100% sure we should go inside… but YOLO! We went inside and it was a nocturnal enclosure. That was the only time we had seen bats at the zoo, until now. We didn’t know where it was, but we sought out to find it. They had the bat room where the bats fly around and many of them will crawl on the ground to get food. There are also really cool looking owls (including a horned owl), a skunk, and some other nocturnal animals. If you visit the OKC Zoo, check out the nocturnal building!

These were some interesting birds. They bobbed their heads and made a very shrill chirp. They were fun to watch. After some research, I found out that these birds are called Killdeer Birds.

This guy had simply stunning blue eyes. I think he’s an egret.


The first coyote I recall seeing at the OKC Zoo was taking a nap. We almost missed him because he blended in with the red dirt so well.

We spotted a female cardinal! The female cardinals aren’t as brilliantly red as their male counterparts, but they are still lovely.


I know turtles are slow, but this little guy was booking it towards a bowl of greens. He must have been hungry!


The bears were out and being very social. There was one scratching his back on a tree and another one eating up next to the glass. They were a hot spot that day! They all seemed to be outside doing very bear-things.
20150530_112752 20150530_113122

A pretty lizard posing for photos.

There are always cool snakes at the OKC Zoo! There’s really big and cool ones at the herpetarium, but these snakes were located in some of the other exhibits.



This giant turtle is an Alligator Snapping Turtle and he was showing off for the cameras too! Normally they just hang out somewhere, but this guy was active and swimming around. He’s another of our favorites! If you like giant turtles, there’s also really big land turtles in the flamingo area.

Yep, there were otters!

This bear was chilling out in front of the glass. There was a crowd of people watching him sleep.

There were two flightless eagles due to bullet injuries. Eagles are gorgeous birds and he was really cool to see hopping and walking around, and stretching out his wings. Don’t worry, he has a friend down there with him (another eagle).

The alligators are always laying about. This guy was huge!

Lots of free roaming ducks by the water. There’s a bridge over some water where you can throw pellets of food and which the catfish swarms and turtles and ducks fighting over the food. At some point, the ducks forced there way through in a conga line. Then a little while later, a black bird comes up and starts making angry noises shouting at people (scroll down for videos).
20150530_131637_1 20150530_132159

They have really pretty and interesting flowers and plants scattered through out the zoo.

It pays to look closely in the bamboo around the tiger forest. Can you spot the bunny?

Some apes were hanging around.


Yep. This gorilla was masturbating against the glass. Lots of happy kids got an impromptu sexual education session at the zoo. Watching a child run up to the glass saying “Mommy look! It’s a monkey!” and mom’s face when she caught up “Oh my.” and the random child asking “What’s he doing daddy?” and the parents inability to articulate “Uhm.” Ah parenting moments. It was hilarious. Nope, no video.20150530_135320

The elephants seemed happy today. One of the baby elephants (Malee or Achara) was out cold napping under the moms. The moms were enjoying a snack. Around the corner, you could see the daddy elephants.

There’s a cave-bridge with pretty elephant designs on it. 20150530_142009

The pygmy hippo is always laying in the water or the grass when we visit. He’s a bit of a lazy fella.

Yeah… I don’t what this guy is, but he was neat too!
20150530_145523The zoo is a lot of fun and if you are in town, you should check out the OKC Zoo!


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