Review: Ms. Marvel


I LOVE the Ms. Marvel comic! If you don’t want any spoilers, then please don’t read my review. First off, she’s a Muslim super-heroine. Bravo for diversity, Marvel! She’s not the perfect, supple, blonde that was Captain Marvel and it’s something the character learns to accept about herself. Even when she was parading around as Carol Danvers, she didn’t feel the way she thought she would. In fact, through out the story, she is using what her father and her faith has been trying to teach her, in order to make the right choices. Before becoming Ms. Marvel, she took these teachings for granted.


Kamala Khan is a typical teen girl, a nerdy girl, and a fangirl! I definitely relate to Kamala. Her facial expressions are hilarious. She wants to be a superhero, which is a welcomed change. There are many characters out there who “didn’t ask for this”, but Kamala was chomping at the bit for a chance to jump in Captain Marvel’s boots. Now that she has, she’s growing as a person and becoming her own superhero. No, her powers are not the same as Captain Marvels’ and Ms. Marvel is an Inhuman. Watching her learn how to use her powers was pretty entertaining as well.


I fangirled with Kamala when Wolverine showed up. There were some pretty funny moments there. While Wolverine was the more experienced hero, he didn’t steal the stage from Ms. Marvel. I thought they did a great job with the team up without compromising Logan’s broody attitude nor Kamala’s happy nerdy persona. Good job!


When we met the villain, I cracked up! I did not expect the villain to be a bird! Ahem… not a bird. There’s a lot of serious plot, and yet they balance it with some humor too. As silly as Kamala can be, she has a strong sense of dedication and loyalty – if not a tad impatient.


Also worth mentioning is Lockjaw. I recently read short comic about Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers, and it was pretty entertaining. Seeing Lockjaw, a giant teleporting alien bulldog, show up was fantastic. Talk about some awesome backup! I love dogs! Any time they can add in some animal sidekicks (or villains), I get more excited!


Of the nine issues I read, there was no point in which I was bored or disappointed. I was in the moment, I was in the comic, I was right there with Kamala the whole way. I was so frustrated when I got to the end, because now I have to wait for more! I’m very pleased with Ms. Marvel! I can’t wait for the next issue!



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