Review: Marvel’s Nyx


Nyx is a story of teenage runaway mutants with lots of problems and shitty home lives, and a non-mutant teacher who wants to do something good and gets caught up in their world. Ms. Palmer is like Professor X without all that wealth and power. Okay, so the story is actually pretty interesting. However, it’s a hard read. They have a lot of ghetto talk that hurts the brain and the most aggravating part is the constant need to interrupt a person’s sentence. Sure, there’s more realism to how people talk, but come on! Most of the trash talk does not roll off the tongue. The most good it does is make me hate the villain, Zebra Daddy, that much more. Everyone called him “daddy” which grated on my nerves. I suppose that was a bit of foreshadowing in of itself.

Another frustration is the back and forth cut scenes. At first, I didn’t realize they were going between scenes, which caused temporary confusion. Other times, I had a hard time following the big picture because my attention was being split. I had to take a moment and re-read a couple of scenes to get my head back on track. Some scenes were obvious because it was about the past or it actually had some text notes to indicate where and when the scene took place.

Aside from my hangups, I did find the comic fascinating. Part of my fascination with this comic is the drawback nature of the powers. Sure, there are plenty of superheros with draw backs, but it felt like these kids had immediate consequences for using them. Some of them were heart breaking to me. For example, there was Tatiana who turned into a big were-beast when she touches an animal’s blood. The first victim was a dog hit by a car. The second was an alley cat she had to kill… or so they insinuate. Tatiana loved animals and had a real connection with wild life until she shifted for the first time. Now they attack her. I love animals too, so I felt really saddened by this.

Kiden (aka Kid) is the main character. Her dad gets killed by a gangster in front her. She grows up miserable and the neighborhood turns to shit. She becomes a mutant who can slow down time so that it’s practically stopped. She can inflict a considerable amount of damage with just the tap of a finger while she’s in this other worldly state. She begins seeing visions of her dead dad who only seems to show up when someone’s in danger. Much later on, you get the idea that there’s something more to her dead dad.

When they introduced this prostitute character, she is very sullen and has an almost innocent quality about her. When I saw her power, I chuckled that she was a wolverine knock off. As the scenes went on, I actually thought she was pretty creepy and I liked it… guess I see what her clients saw in her, huh? They never reveal her name and she rarely talks. When she’s “killed”, they reveal that Zebra Daddy is the gangster who killed Kiden’s father when she was a little girl. It’s no surprise that the nameless girl gets back up completely healed. What I didn’t know is that this is a female clone of wolverine called X-23.

I remembered my husband telling me just the other day that Marvel is going to make wolverine a girl in the new universe and her name is X-23. I was surprised and wasn’t really on bored for this change. I’m all for more awesome female characters, but I don’t like them changing up my favorite male characters. However, I’d never heard of X-23 and in a weird, ironic, chance of fate, I just randomly happened to start reading an old comic called Nyx. Well. What do you know? I think I’m reconsidering, now that I know I like the character X-23.

Bobby Soul and his “Lil Bro” was very interesting. Obviously the little autistic boy is psychic. I’m not 100% sure, but they made it seem like the two bothers were speaking to each other telepathically. It’s a shame the comic was cancelled (back in 2005). On the last issue, the dead father merges with the boy, leaving me to wonder if the boy is just using Kid’s memory of her father as a means to communicate with her.

Fortunately, there’s a 6 issue story from 2008 called No Way Home. In this version of Earth, mutant registration exists and there’s a dwindling mutant population. At the beginning, I assumed that the thought-monologue was Kid, the main character, but then you realize it’s not her. The backstory it talks about doesn’t match up. I thought it was Lil Bro, then Tatiana, then Bobby, and now I think it was her dead father all along. I’m not really clear on who it was to be honest.

They go more into Bobby’s tragic powers. When he uses his powers, he forgets everything, including himself. His Lil Bro is definitely a lot more powerful. However, I think it’s her dead father using the boy and not the other way around like I had originally thought. Tatiana actually shifts into humans with their blood in this series and they hint that she has a blood lust. Kiden can take people into this time-stopped world if she’s touching them when she steps sideways, which was helpful. X-23 isn’t in this run which was disappointing and they never even mention her.

I liked the art better in the old comic, but this run was a lot better done. All those little pet peeves that I had at the beginning are not a problem in this mini series. Still, they leave the story unfinished with a lot of questions. Who was the villain? Does Cameron make it? I thought it was a great comic, but I doubt we’ll ever see more of it.


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