Marvel’s Civil War Review

Who was the Villain in Marvel’s Civil War? I’ll get to the point… Tony Stark. You know
the saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”? If you don’t want spoilers,
now is a good time to look away.

First of all, Ironman had good intentions and I understand his point of view. At first, I was inclined to believe that he was right. Superheroes should be accountable for the destruction they cause. Even in real life, today, we see stories about cops who kill the innocent and violate the rights of the people. We hear cries for justice! Who polices the police? So yes, I agree that Superheroes should also be accountable for their actions. Is it so wrong that Superheroes get properly trained and held to the same laws as every other person? No, because they should.

Captain America seemed stubborn in his “old ways”, and whether or not he was, the truth was more subtle through out the story. They were forcing Superheroes to out their secret identities and forcing them to be part of this Superhero militia. There was no volunteer basis. Didn’t the X-men already go through this? This is why they abstained from the fight. We all rooted for the X-men back then, but they were a united front. Registering Superheroes is like registering Jews in a Nazi world. Of course, Captain America was against it!

Sure, Captain America was being hardheaded and stubborn. He could have actually given Ironman a chance to share his ideas (he had the opportunity). There could have been compromises. If you want to fight crime, you have to register. If you don’t register, you can’t fight crime. Perhaps you could sign up for the Superhero task force without giving up your secret identity, and still be accountable and properly trained.

Captain America was wrong in many ways, but he was not the villain. Ironman is the one who  actively sought a battle between Superheroes. He’s the one who employed villains on his team of “Superheroes”. He’s also the one who played God when he created Superhero clones, one of which murdered a fellow Superhero.

He had so much guilt for the little boy who was killed that he had nothing to do with… but being directly involved in the murder of his dear friend? Where was the guilt and sympathy then? Was his so-called atonement for little Damien just a cause to justify his actions? Ironman, no matter his good intentions, is the one who compromised morals to justify means to an end.

In the end Steve Rogers came to the realize that this was wrong. That they were fighting among themselves, not fighting crime and protecting the people. He turned himself in, because he felt it was the right thing to do. Ironman only viewed this as his victory. He didn’t see his wrong doing in any of this.

Tony Stark is the Villain. 


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