I Am My Brother

I am my brother.
I am sadness and anger.
I am a past of pain and violence.
I am the broken glass scattered across the floor.
I am the tears and cries of misery.
I am lost and I am consumed in darkness made from monsters.
My sadness is powerful.
My cries and my voice are powerful.
My rage and my fight are powerful.
My heart and love is powerful.
I am powerful and I am happy.
I was my brother.
I know his pain is powerful, but he is what I knew.
My brother is powerful.
My brother is light beneath the darkness.
He is love beneath the rage.
He has the power to find happiness.
I see myself in him, but does he see me there?
I see my past in my brother’s eyes.
All that I have accomplished, you can do too.
You are powerful!
You are like me.
You are not lost. I’ve been there.
Do not good quietly into the night!
Go fiercely into the light, brother.


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